Friday, April 19, 2013

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

AeroMinerale spray-on makeup

I first learned of AeroMinerale spray-on makeup through a press release about a tie-in with the Breaking Dawn movie. Over 1000 cans were used on the set! It appeared on Bella’s dressing table!

But what amused (or disgusted) me is that the pink aerosol can was described as “soon-to-be-Iconic.” G-d knows that I think that “iconic” is one of the abused words in fashion and beauty. It sets my teeth on edge. “Soon-to-be-iconic”??

AeroMinerale Hydrating Mineral Foundation
AeroMinerale Hydrating Mineral Foundation
Anyway, back to the product. You may apply AeroMinerale Hydrating Mineral Foundation by spraying it directly on your face. However, I wouldn’t recommend it. It leaves too much deposit. I had to blot with a tissue but even then, the coverage was too thick. Moreover, it stains clothing and gunks up the hair. I prefer spraying AeroMinerale on a dampened wedge makeup sponge and applying it with the sponge, as shown in this video featuring AeroMinerale founder Yolanda Halston:

AeroMinerale also has a spray-on Hydrating Mineral Primer. The primer also leaves too much deposit, so I blot with a tissue after applying it. Even so, it’s fun to use.

AeroMinerale Hydrating Mineral Foundation comes in ten shades, from Ivory to Ebony. Want to know your best shade? Use the AeroMinerale web site’s extensive database of foundation shades for a match.

AeroMinerale is worth a try. A 1.5-oz can sells for $20 at, but you can buy it for less. I bought mine for $16-17 dollars at CVS. To find even lower prices, use Google Shopping. I found $12 (clearance) at

DISCLAIMER: This post contains an affiliate link for  I appreciate your support of The Style Page blog!

Monday, March 25, 2013

IMAN BB Crème giveaway ends midnight April 8

IMAN Cosmetics is launching its first BB Crème. As with most BB Crème, it evens out skin tone and protects with SPF.  What makes this BB Crème special is that it’s geared to “women of color” and has 6 different shades, an unusually wide selection for a BB Crème.

IMAN has three basic shade ranges:
  • "Sand" for Olive Skin, 
  • "Clay" for Dark Olive to Light Brown Skin and 
  • "Earth" for Medium to Ebony Brown skin.
The BB Crème shades are:
  • Sand Light
  • Sand Medium
  • Clay Medium
  • Clay Medium Deep
  • Earth Medium
  • Earth Deep 
To find your best shade, visit the shade finder on the IMAN website,

In-store events are being held across the U.S. To RSVP, visit IMAN’s Facebook Event list,

In conjunction with the rollout of IMAN BB Crème, The Style Page is hosting a giveaway for 2 IMAN prize packs.  Each prize pack contains:
  • IMAN BB Crème trial size in Clay Medium
  • IMAN BB Crème trial size in Earth Medium 
  • IMAN Luxury Lip Shimmer in Crystal 
  • IMAN Luxury Lip Pencil in Tan 
a Rafflecopter giveaway FTC disclosure: The Style Page received a sample of IMAN BB Crème for participation in this promotional campaign. These items are not intended as payment for any favorable opinions.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kroma v. Krohma

Kim Kardashian pregnant

MUA Lee Tillett claims that the Kardashians stole her cosmetics line's name Kroma (without a "h").  She is suing for $10 million damages.
Meanwhile, Lee's attorney Elliot Gipson claims Kim - who says she came up with the name [Khroma] herself - was aware via her placement agents TLK Fusion of a 2010 deal to ensure product placement for Kroma on an E! Entertainment show Kim was due to produce.
He said: "On or about May 2010, representatives for Tillett and TLK Fusion were engaged in discussions regarding the possible product placement of the KROMA cosmetics line on the television reality show special 'The SPINdustry' that was scheduled to air on E! Entertainment Television following an episode of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'."
I don't put it past Kim to steal the Kroma name.  Remember how the Kardashians appropriated Monica Botkier's handbag designs for Sears's Kardashian Kollection?
via Bad Kroma for the Kardashians being sued over cosmetics brand - Showbiz - London Evening Standard.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Favorite hand, foot and nail care products

One of the things that sucks about Wordpress is that it prohibits scripts.  That's why I had to use a static image for my SkinnyScoop list on Wordpress.

I'm using Blogger to present a dynamic list:

Monday, January 21, 2013

Which blog do you prefer? Blogger or Wordpress?

I had heard a lot about Wordpress being a superior platform to Blogger.  It wasn't until my husband set up his first blog in Wordpress that I made the jump to Wordpress.

I found that Wordpress had a friendlier interface for blog administration; in addition the "Press This" button enabled me to "riff" on web pages.

I asked for quick impressions from Halifax of Sparkled Beauty (whom I consider my BBF - best blogging friend) and my husband about which design they liked better: this blog or the Wordpress blog, The Style Page | Off the beaten beauty path.  Both said that they liked the format of the new Wordpress blog.

Which do you prefer: the design of this blog or the Wordpress blog?  Submit your comments on this article or send me an email at thestylepage [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Introducing Aerin
Go Behind The Scenes With Aerin Lauder

Sneak a peek at the inspiration behind Aerin Lauder's highly anticipated new cosmetics line

Go Behind The Scenes With Aerin Lauder

This is a makeup article

If Aerin Lauder's last name sounds familiar to you, it should. She's the granddaughter of Estee Lauder, a.k.a. beauty industry royalty. The seasoned beauty industry insider has been working for the Estee Lauder Companies for more than 20 years, and now she's branching out with her very own beauty line. We caught up with Aerin, who revealed the inspiration behind her new line, Aerin, the product the public is already raving about, and even where she goes for some quality family downtime.

Read exclusive

Monday, January 07, 2013

DHC skin care

DHC. Perhaps you receive its print catalog, the one with the sample packets glued inside.

Did you know:

  • DHC sells fine foods in addition to skin, body, and hair care products and makeup? 
  • DHC stands for “Daigaku Honyaku Center”? 
  • DHC skin care products are a fixture in Japanese drugstores? 
  • DHC sells a wider range of products, including food, clothing, and lingerie, in Japan? (visit its Japanese site, - the auto-translations from Japanese to English are really quite hilarious)

I was curious enough to open the sample packet of DHC Deep Cleansing Oil to give it a try. DHC Deep Cleansing is the brand's "iconic" product.  It is formulated with olive oil (first in the ingredient list), and has a slight herbal fragrance, thanks to the presence of rosemary oil. What pleased me was that the DHC Deep Cleansing Oil removed all makeup, including eye makeup. No need for a separate eye makeup remover!
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
Whereas DHC Deep Cleansing Oil is the first step in DHC's skin care routine, the second step is the clear DHC Olive Soap to wash your face. It creates a lot of lather, rinses clean, and leaves the face feeling soft.
DHC Olive Soap
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and DHC Olive Soap are part of my nighttime skin care routine. Sometimes I follow up with moisturizer and/or serum, sometimes I don’t. Less is sometimes more, I think.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil comes in TSA-friendly 1 fl. oz. ($5.50) and 2.3 fl. oz. ($14.00) bottles and a larger 6.7 fl. oz. ($28.00) bottle. DHC Olive Soap comes in a 0.35 oz. mini-bar ($3.00) or 3.1 oz. bar ($22.00). DHC skin care may be purchased through my complaint is that there is a high threshold ($85.00) for free shipping.

Disclosure: DHC furnished samples of its Deep Cleansing Oil and Olive Soap. Opinions are my own.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Favorite beauty stories of 2012

I admit that I haven’t been blogging about beauty that often.  For that reason, I got dropped from Beauty Blogazons and other beauty blogger networks.  Still, I had several serendipitous events with respect to The Style Page.  Here are my favorite beauty stories from 2012:

Sulwhasoo ShineClassic compacts
One was the invitation to introduce Sulwhasoo ShineClassic compacts to the U.S.  I love Asian aesthetics, and the compacts were inspired by traditional Korean symbols and artistry.  They are truly works of art.

Sulwhasoo commemorated 10 years of limited edition compacts in an elegant cloth bound coffee table book featuring traditional Korean artistry.  Flip the book over, unfold the pages, and lo! it features all LE compacts!
Sulwhasoo ShineClassic 2003 LE compact - lattice pattern
The invitation also had extra meaning for me, as I admire Korea for the way it has lifted itself up and I have fond memories of my trip to Korea ten years ago.

Softlips giveaway
Another event was the LE Softlips giveaway.  I have to say that I didn’t think that this would be a successful giveaway; however, it exceeded my wildest expectations.  I have record visits to my blog and a spike in new followers on Twitter.

BTW I still have one prize to claim.  The first person to write to me at thestylepage[at]ymail[dot]com and respond with his/her mailing address will win the prize.

LuMESH beauty from Costco
I enjoy bringing stories about beauty in unexpected places to readers.  Beauty is truly where you find it.  I’ve been in touch with Lu Camerena Meshulam, and I hope that I played a small role in moving product at Costco.

Karen Murrell lipsticks
I love the demi-matte finish of Karen’s lipsticks, and I am proud to have played a role in introducing her lipsticks to the U.S.  Karen introduced 4 lipstick shades in 2012, and plans to introduce more in 2013. I’m anxiously anticipating the new introductions. I’ve seen previews of Karen’s new Rumba Red lipstick.