Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bésame Voluptuous Lipstick

Bésame described its Enchanting Lipstick as "absolutely the perfect lipstick." I'm not readily given to superlatives, but Bésame (Spanish for "kiss me") Enchanting Lipstick certainly is one of my favorite full-coverage lipsticks, along with MAC Satin and Lustre lipsticks and American Beauty Enduring Beauty™ Longwear Lipcolor. All three have the not too matte, not too creamy finish that I seek in a lipstick. In addition, I loved the retro look of the goldtone metal tube.

Lately, Bésame founder and owner Gabriela Hernandez has been re-designing her brand. The first product from the re-launch of Bésame is the Voluptuous Lip Color Set. The set consists of a full-size lipstick (Enchanting Lipstick is a mini-size) with a "fishtail" tip, a matching lip liner, and a lip brush.

Voluptuous Lip Color Set in Red Velvet

I received the Voluptuous Lip Color Set in Red Velvet. It is also available in Rapture Rose and Champagne. I chose Red Velvet because red lips are Gabriela's signature: she's her own best advertisement for the retro glamour of Bésame.

Gabriela Hernandez, founder, Bésame Cosmetics

On my lips, at least, the Voluptuous lipstick set very quickly and felt drying. I wrote to Gabriela and told her I still prefer the Enchanting lipstick. She was surprised, as Voluptuous lipstick was supposed to be more emollient than the Enchanting lipstick. In both Voluptuous and Enchanting lipsticks, clay is used to makes the color stick and lock on color to your lips.

Good news: Gabriela also told me that a new Classic lipstick will be released in the fall with the Enchanting lipstick formula and a full size chisel tip. I prefer the chisel tip to the fishtail tip, as the chisel tip contours to the lips. Other new Bésame products will be launched this fall.

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