Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Color them red (or pink or rose brown)

I've already mentioned Bobbi Brown's advice that the most flattering lip color is two shades darker than your natural lip color. The continuum between light and dark is referred to as value.

This article Color them red (or pink or rose brown) from the San Jose (California) Mercury News deals with another aspect of color, namely hue. The article cites various lip colors such as coral, fuchsia, and red, but Laura Mercier and Linda Wells, Editor-in-chief, Allure agree: the most foolproof color is rose brown.

American Beauty Enduring Beauty™ Longwear Lipcolor
My favorite rose brown? American Beauty Enduring Beauty™ Longwear Lipcolor in Chestnut Rose, sold exclusively at Kohl's. I wasn't smitten with American Beauty when it first came out, even though Ashley Judd is the face of American Beauty. I seldom go to the movies and I don't even have a Netflix membership, so the only time I get to watch movies is on cross-country or overseas flights. Ashley invariably stars in the feature film, whether it's a tearjerker like Simon Birch or potboilers like Double Jeopardy and High Crimes. It's almost like she's become a traveling companion.

Back to the lipstick ... it goes on like a cream, that dries to a semi-matte and compares very well with favorite lipsticks such as Besame's Enchanting Lipstick and MAC's Satin Lipstick. While I like experimenting with lip glosses and lip stains, these are the lipsticks I like the best.

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retainer girl said...

The most perfect "you only better" color I found was Clinique's liquid lipstick in Raspberry Sorbet, now discontinued. (sigh) I am in awe of Ashley's beauty and have heard good things about American Beauty, so I'll have to check this lipstick out. The Chesnut Rose looks gorgeous.