Thursday, March 22, 2012

What I won't give up for Lent

Here's one bad habit I won't give up for Lent:

Cadbury's Mini Eggs - milk chocolate with brittle candy shell
This is my favorite chocolate indulgence, along with Lake Champlain's Organic Milk Sea Salt and Almonds Chocolate Bar.

What's your favorite chocolate indulgence?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our return from India

My husband and I returned from our trip to India on March 8.  We were worn down by the rituals and receptions involved in an Indian/Bengali wedding - and we weren't the bride and groom!

We had a grueling trip home, which involved a two-hour train ride from the countryside to Kolkata (formerly Calcutta, one of the world's most populous cities), a one-hour cab ride through Kolkata traffic, and two transcontinental flights - to say nothing about layovers!  I took the travel all in stride, but became very sick and weak after I got home.  I would have taken sick leave last week, but getting work to a colleague in a timely manner kept me going.  I only began feeling better on Sunday.