Monday, December 31, 2012

Favorite beauty stories of 2012

I admit that I haven’t been blogging about beauty that often.  For that reason, I got dropped from Beauty Blogazons and other beauty blogger networks.  Still, I had several serendipitous events with respect to The Style Page.  Here are my favorite beauty stories from 2012:

Sulwhasoo ShineClassic compacts
One was the invitation to introduce Sulwhasoo ShineClassic compacts to the U.S.  I love Asian aesthetics, and the compacts were inspired by traditional Korean symbols and artistry.  They are truly works of art.

Sulwhasoo commemorated 10 years of limited edition compacts in an elegant cloth bound coffee table book featuring traditional Korean artistry.  Flip the book over, unfold the pages, and lo! it features all LE compacts!
Sulwhasoo ShineClassic 2003 LE compact - lattice pattern
The invitation also had extra meaning for me, as I admire Korea for the way it has lifted itself up and I have fond memories of my trip to Korea ten years ago.

Softlips giveaway
Another event was the LE Softlips giveaway.  I have to say that I didn’t think that this would be a successful giveaway; however, it exceeded my wildest expectations.  I have record visits to my blog and a spike in new followers on Twitter.

BTW I still have one prize to claim.  The first person to write to me at thestylepage[at]ymail[dot]com and respond with his/her mailing address will win the prize.

LuMESH beauty from Costco
I enjoy bringing stories about beauty in unexpected places to readers.  Beauty is truly where you find it.  I’ve been in touch with Lu Camerena Meshulam, and I hope that I played a small role in moving product at Costco.

Karen Murrell lipsticks
I love the demi-matte finish of Karen’s lipsticks, and I am proud to have played a role in introducing her lipsticks to the U.S.  Karen introduced 4 lipstick shades in 2012, and plans to introduce more in 2013. I’m anxiously anticipating the new introductions. I’ve seen previews of Karen’s new Rumba Red lipstick.

Those whom we lost in 2012 #MusicMonday

In addition to Andy Williams and Hal David, here are other musical luminaries from different genres whom we lost in 2012:

Stage and film composer Marvin Hamlisch died August 6, 2012. This video is a treat for both red-blooded men (Carly Simon) and the Lisa Lupners (Marvin Hamlisch) of the world:

Jazz pianist Dave Brubeck died December 5, 2012, one day shy of his 92nd birthday:

R&B singer Fontella Bass died December 26, 2012. Great song, great voice. I'm proud to claim her as a St. Louis native:

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The view from our living room window

Seasons Greetings from our house to yours!

Here's to a Happy Healthy & Prosperous 2013.

Julie and Amit

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

LuMESH #beauty from Costco

The Style Page is all about finding beauty in unexpected places: see my past features on Beauty from Aldi and Bed Bath and Beauty.   Costco, the members-only warehouse club that can literally take care of you from cradle to grave, has teamed up with makeup artist Lu Camarena Meshulam of LuMESH Cosmetics to market two sets of lip glosses.

Coming from a Latin background, Lu found that finding colors that flattered her skin tone was next to impossible. She had clients of many different ethnicities with the same complaint. Thus, her lip glosses are designed to flatter a variety of skin tones.
LuMESH lip gloss set from Costco
The Style Page purchased the blister pack containing the following LuMESH lip glosses:
  • Kathlene - Peachy pink that flatters women with fair to medium skin tones.  Works on women with Latin, Mediterranean, and light African American skin tones. 
  • Kim- this looks scary-bright pink in the container, but it’s a light pink.  It would lift the complexions of South Asian and Hispanic women.
  • Taffi is a universal shade.  When light/dark African American women wear it, it appears to look like a beige nude color. I’m of western European heritage, with a light complexion, and Taffi gave me a “like my lips, but only deeper” (and glossier and better) look.  It was my favorite shade of the three lip glosses, while Kathlene was my second favorite and Kim was my least favorite.  I agree with Bobbi Brown's advice that the best lip color is about 2 shades deeper than your natural lip color.
There is another blister pack, which contains the following LuMESH lip glosses:
  • Min - baby doll frosty pink that suits Fair, and Medium skin tones, particularly Asian skin tones.  
  • Trischa – shimmery sunset radiance that suits fair and medium skin tones.
  • Magaly – shimmery universal shade that suits Fair, Medium, and light African American complexions.

I liked the LuMESH lip glosses.  After the initial glossy finish fades, the color remains.  Vitamin E makes the lip gloss emollient, and there is a mild non-irritating cooling lip plumper.  LuMESH lip glosses are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and synthetic fragrance.  Plus, each lip gloss tube has a mirror on it – very convenient.   Just don't forget to remove the protective film!

Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Costco to get LuMESH in time for Christmas!  A list of Costco locations that carry LuMESH lip glosses is available on request; however, I found my set at a Costco that wasn’t listed.  LuMESH is not available on

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sulwhasoo limited edition SHINECLASSIC pressed powder compacts

The Style Page lives for breaking stories to her readers. It is exciting to see Sulwhasoo, one of Asia’s top luxury cosmetics brands, come to the United States, where it is sold exclusively by Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus. I want to introduce you to the way science and traditional Korean knowledge of medicinal herbs is artfully fused in Sulwhasoo - a comprehensive line of high-end skin care and color cosmetics.

Sulwhasoo’s SHINECLASSIC limited edition pressed powder compacts are works of art that not only satisfy a woman’s concept of beauty but also travel easily in her purse. Every year since 2003, Sulwhasoo has released limited edition pressed powder compacts featuring traditional Korean design motifs, especially crafted to satisfy a woman’s senses at every moment throughout the day. When I saw and held its pressed powder compacts, I instantly fell in love with the sensual and seductive designs, tender composition, enchanting effects on contact, and romantic embrace.
2005 Sulwhasoo 7 Treasure "Chill-bo" LE compact
A closer look at the Sulwhasoo SHINECLASSIC 7 Treasure LE compact
For its 2005 SHINECLASSIC Seven Treasure “Chill-bo” LE compact, Sulwhasoo’s inspiration was a traditional Korean patchwork quilt. From time immemorial, quilts in Korea have signified the belief that endeavors bring good luck. The colorful strips of fabric that are stitched together represent a prayer for good fortune. It represents WEALTH, one of the 5 traditional Korean blessings.
Korean 7 Treasure quilt
Inside the compact, there is a delicately scented soft pressed powder. The pressed powder is embossed with a stylized design motif of the Prunes Mume, or plum blossom, one of the first flowers of spring, with the powder whispering in a gentle, powdery way for a sensual aura of opulence. Beautiful!
Image of plum blossom from Wikipedia; Credit: Kakidai
Other compacts in the series of Sulwhasoo SHINECLASSIC limited edition pressed powder compacts include:
  • 2003: lattice pattern – signifies the blessing of Health 
  • 2008: Plum Blossom design: signifies the blessing of Virtue 
  • 2010: Prunes mume floral pattern: signifies the blessing of Longevity 
  • 2012: “Wa-Dang” ornamental tile design – signifies the blessing of Nobility 
Sulwhasoo SHINECLASSIC limited edition compacts
You may see pictures of the Sulwhasoo SHINECLASSIC limited edition compacts at SkinnyScoop. In the interest of space, I will describe the Sulwhasoo SHINECLASSIC 2003 lattice design compact in a subsequent article.

Sulwhasoo SHINECLASSIC pressed powder powder compacts may be purchased ($150) through or Bergdorf Goodman is offering free 2-day shipping for the holidays: check its home page for the promo code. 

DISCLAIMER: The Style Page received two SHINECLASSIC pressed powder powder compacts from Sulwhasoo’s PR representative. It also received remuneration for this article. Opinions are The Style Page’s own.

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Softlips® holiday limited edition review and giveaway!

Softlips® has released a limited edition collection of Christmas-y flavored lip balms, available exclusively at Target, purveyor of all things cute.
Softlips 2-pack Jack Frosting lip balm
The Style Page recent sampled Softlips® Jack Frosting lip balm from the LE collection. Dimethicone guarantees a smooth application, while sunscreen agents provide SPF 20 protection. Softlips® Jack Frosting lip balm also includes emollients such as squalane, petrolatum, and vitamin E. Softlips® describes its Jack Frosting lip balm as having a flavor like buttercream frosting. When I first opened the tube, it smelled like burnt sugar, like crème brûlée. On subsequent applications, I became aware of the buttercream flavor.  After applying the lip balm, you become aware of the cooling sensation of menthol: no wonder, as Softlips® is a trademark of The Mentholatum Company.
Softlips Vanilla and Winter Mint Holiday Gift Tag Pack
The Style Page is hosting a giveaway of limited edition Softlips® products! There are 4 prizes, for 4 winners:
  • Softlips® Jack Frosting 2 pack with bonus Softlips® Vanilla and Softlips® Winter Mint Holiday Holiday Gift Tag Pack 
  • Softlips® Jack Frosting 2 pack with bonus Softlips® Vanilla and Softlips® Sugar 'n' Spice Holiday Gift Tag Pack 
  • Softlips® Jack Frosting 2 pack with bonus Softlips® Raspberry and Softlips® Sugar Cookie Holiday Gift Tag Pack 
  • Softlips® Jack Frosting 2 pack with bonus Softlips® Raspberry and Softlips® Sugar Plum Berry Holiday Gift Tag Pack 
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