Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Introducing FYLO Cosmetics

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FYLO (For Your Lips Only) Cosmetics is a new cosmetics line based in my hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri. It features "lip cubicles" that you can fill with your choice of "lip cubes" containing lip color, lip gloss, or lip treatment. You may select from 28 different lip colors, 12 lip glosses, 12 mini lip pencils, and a lip treatment. Colors, glosses, and lip treatment are all formulated with essential oils.

The regular sized cubicle (shown here in the "Flowers" design) may be filled with four lip cubes and two lip pencils.

The Urban Cowgirl mini cubicle may be filled with two lip cubes of your selction.

The box of FYLO products that I received was stamped "Confidential" and "For Your Lips Only." The cubicles came wrapped in little organza drawstring bags. The cubicle and interchangeable cube concept is a new and modular approach to customizing one's lip palette. Cubes are gently pushed into the cubicle; the cubes may be removed by popping them out with the end of the mini lip brush that comes with the cubicle. I'm wearing the Fantasia lip gloss (lavender shade, with lavender essential oil) as I write this, and I find that it's very emollient, but not slick in its feel.

Lip cubes are $8 apiece, lip pencils are $7 apiece, the regular size cubicle is $14, and the mini cubicle is $10. A portion of profits go to organizations serving children. You may check out the full range of products via FYLO's web site at www.fylocosmetics.com.

FYLO is now listed on our Cosmetics page.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Mary Kay beauty consultant questions my comments on the Webby awards site

The Style Page received this email from a Mary Kay beauty consultant concerning the comments on Jouer Cosmetics's web site that I entered on the Webby Awards web site:

"I saw your comment on your webby nomination. Just out of curiosity, why didn't you say those exact same things about the Mary Kay site? Did you check it out and compare? You should. Thanks."

To which I wrote back:

"I am very impressed by the interactive makeover tools that the Mary Kay company provides to its beauty advisors.

I voted for the Jouer Cosmetics site, as its side-by-side makeovers for women of different complexions demonstrate Jouer's claim that its colors work for all women. I also use Jouer Cosmetics - I like the product and both the concept and execution of its customizable palette. For more, please visit my blog entry, April 2005: What's New in Beauty - Webby nominees for Beauty sites announced."

Direct sales is not my favorite way of purchasing cosmetics or any other products, for that matter. The Style Page lists only the corporate site for direct sales companies such as Mary Kay and Avon, and will not list web site for individual sales consultants.

Monday, April 18, 2005

April 2005: What's New in Beauty - Vivid Girl, Goldie, Tom Ford, Marionnaud, The Style Page

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Vivid Entertainment Group, the X-rated film company, has signed a licensing agreement with the WII Group and X-Girl Cosmetics to market a line of Vivid Girl cosmetics. To learn more, read the press release Vivid Signs With The WII Group for a Collection of Vivid Girl Cosmetics.

Dineh Mohajer, founder of Hard Candy cosmetics, has a new cosmetics line called Goldie, which has rolled out at Bath & Body Works stores nationwide. She's teamed with Jeanne Chavez, whom she met after selling Hard Candy to luxury goods purveyor LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. I couldn't find out anything about Goldie through the Bath & Body Works site or through the website of B&BW's parent Limited Brands. The best source I could find was this cached article B&BW's Golden Opportunity from WWD.com (Women's Wear Daily).

Tom Ford, the designer who famously revitalized Gucci and left the Gucci Group a year ago, is entering into a partnership with the Estee Lauder Companies to update products of its flagship brand Estee Lauder and boost flagging sales. For more, see Estée Lauder inks deal with newly-formed fashion house.

Marionnaud is a chain of fragrance and cosmetics stores in Europe, primarily in France, but I also spotted one in Switzerland. The EU has cleared the way for A.S. Watson, part of the Hong Kong-based conglomerate Hutchinson Whampoa, to purchase Marionnaud. A.S. Watson owns a number of drugstore chains in Europe and Asia.

Oh, and finally, the Beauty pages of The Style Page have been updated and redesigned. Over twenty brands have been added to the Cosmetics page and twenty brands of products have been added to the Fragrance page - check them out!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

April 2005: What's New in Beauty - Webby nominees for Beauty sites announced

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The Cosmetic Site published an article Webby nominees for Beauty & Cosmetics listed. The Webby Awards recognizes the best in websites. This is the first year that beauty and cosmetic businesses can compete for the Webby awards. Among the nominees is the web site for Jouer Cosmetics. Jouer states that its colors work for all women, and to prove its claim, the web site features an interactive makeover with four women: a blonde, a Hispanic, an Asian, and a woman of African descent.

Jouer's interactive makeover

The Jouer Cosmetics website certainly deserves its Webby award nomination. The Style Page reviewed Jouer's products in its December 12, 2004 entry on this web log. Since that review, I've come to appreciate that I can apply Jouer's products on the run: a tiny mirror is included in the container and no implements are needed - just use your fingers. Right now, I'm wanting Jouer's Velvet (charcoal gray with shimmer) and Peridot (soft shimmering olive) cream eyeshadows.

April 2005: What's New in Beauty - Boots No 7

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Boots puts £5m to promote No 7 range overhaul - Boots is the UK's major drugstore chain and is everywhere as pervasive in the UK as Walgreen's and CVS are in the US. Boots has even established stores overseas (I spotted Boots in Bangkok). Lucky magazine's editor-in-chief, Kim France, is quoted as saying "I could find an excuse to go into this drugstore every day" in the article on shopping in London from the April 2005 issue of Lucky. I putzed around at Boots everyday while I was in London and Oxford - it's probably the novelty of seeing products you don't find in the US. The referenced article is about Boots's overhaul of its No7 cosmetics line, which is marking its 70th anniversary.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Bloglines now offering package tracking via RSS


In the 2005-03-18 entry Now Why Didn't You Think Of That? Tracking Packages with RSS, I pointed to an article on xml.com that provided an implementation for tracking packages with RSS news feeds. Now Bloglines has enabled subscribers to track packages via RSS. Currently, the service is available for packages sent via UPS, FedEx, or the U.S. Postal Service.

Mail order catalogues and web sites are currently holding sales on spring clothes. Now is the right time to take advantage of the RSS services offered through Bloglines!