Thursday, November 29, 2007

Discount on jewelry from

Here's a special for the holidays: the online jewelry store Stylism is offering a 10% discount off every item, in addition to discounts such as its automatic 10% on orders over $200.

While The Style Page did not partner with Stylism on this discount, we did partner with Stylism before. I purchased a necklace of crochet-wrapped rings from Elizabeth Gillett through Stylism, at a signficantly lower price than that quoted in the magazine. Stylism fills its orders quickly, and I had the satisfaction of developing a rapport with Stylism. Both The Style Page and Stylism were pleased with the results of our promotion.

Stylism features designers such as Ayala Bar, Ben-Amun, Extasia, Liz Palacios, R.J. Graziano, and Sorrelli. While Chanukah is less than a week away, wouldn't these embellished menorahs by Michal Golan look great on the table?

Menorahs from Michal Golan

To take advantage of this offer, visit Stylism and enter coupon code SANTA upon checkout. This offer is good through December 10, 2007.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Alisa clutch by Double Happiness

Alisa clutch

Clutches are back, particularly for dressy holiday parties. The large mother-of-pearl accents and studding makes this clutch from Double Happiness look tough. This clutch also has a hefty detachable chain.

I found this clutch at Lusso in St. Louis, but it's now 50% off through the online store for Double Happiness.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Makeup tools

Makeup application = product + tools + technique.

Sephora Brand Chocolate Croc Prestige Brush Set ($300 Value)

This brush roll provides all the tools you need, and more. It contains a Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Foundation Brush, Concealer Brush, Feather Shimmer Brush, Contour Brush, Large Eyeshadow Brush, Small Eyeshadow Brush, Smudge Brush, Flat Eyeliner Brush, Brow Brush, and a Lip Brush. The feather shimmer brush would be fun for teasing others!

Happy Thanksgiving

To our friends and readers of The Style Page

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Underground by Rimmel

Underground by Rimmel is more daring than Rimmel's regular line, and invites comparison to L'Oreal HIP. While Underground is geared toward teens and twenties, there are some great products that woman of all ages can use.

Stir It Up Cream Eyeshadow in Wassup? by Underground by Rimmel

The cream eyeshadow features different shades that are mixed together when you apply it with your fingers. There's some glitter in this, but if that's not the effect that you're seeking, just remove it by flicking a cotton swab or Q-Tip over it.

Cheeky! Blush Duo in Cheer Up by Underground by Rimmel

This blush duo features pale apricot and deep rose shades. Nowadays, most of the shades of blush from mass-market brands are subtle (to be foolproof), so this blush duo stands out. It can look natural by applying the deep rose shade on the apple of the cheeks - don't blend out to the temples. If it's too bright, the pale apricot shade will tone it down. There are several other shades of Cheeky! Blush Duo available, and all are wearable.

Loud Mouth Lipgloss in Pucker Up from Underground by Rimmel

Don't be fooled by the name. This is more lip stain than lip gloss. In addition to Pucker Up, there are other wearable shades of Loud Mouth Lipgloss that will appeal to women of all ages. To prevent the stain from going beyond your mouth, consider lining your lips with clear lipliner first.

Because Loud Mouth Lipgloss is a lip stain, it can be drying. Now since the weather is getting colder, you need to keep your lips conditioned. I use Aquaphor icon, essentially a goo of petroleum jelly and mineral oil, at night to condition my lips (for more, see Treating Chapped Lips). I also like Sally Hansen Healing Butter for Lips (not available through, alas). It boasts of having shea, mango, cocoa and murumuru butters, but if you're seeking a plant-based product, this isn't it: petroleum jelly tops the list of ingredients and these butters are way down the list. Still, it's very emollient.

Underground by Rimmel may be found at Target, and Ulta in the U.S.

Monday, November 19, 2007

We love our friends

Soon after I posted my frustration and disappointment with the success of this blog, it was only right that I should give recognition to those folks who have listed The Style Page on their blogrolls.

There's Kristen, who graciously included this blog on the blogroll for her hugely sucessful Beauty Addict blog, which was covered by the New York Times. She also announced our (now closed) promotions with Real Cosmetics and Anne Maa Designs through her blog.

There's Retainer Girl, who blogs at Soul-Piercing Reflections. She loves Jane Austen, John Cusack, Sam Cooke, and Motown. She gave me encouragement to carry on with this blog. I prefer the Brontë sisters to Jane Austen, but I share her fondness for R&B and soul music (thanks to Starbucks' Hear Music compilations). Seems that she and I could have a lot to talk about.

~charng from Frivolous Rants

Finally, there's ~charng from Malaysia, who blogs on whatever she wants to share at Frivolous Rants.

New is I♥M·A·C, who blogs at I♥makeup. It's evident that she's interested in beauty from India. I have a soft spot for India myself, as my husband's from India and my in-laws who live in India have accepted me as family.

These are the folks I know who are listing The Style Page on their blogrolls. If there's anyone else who lists this blog on her (or his!) blogroll, please let me know. I don't want to overlook you!

Gratuitous Beyonce photo

Given that I've blogged on Beyonce several times already, why not another time?

Here's a photo of Beyonce as we often don't see her, with little makeup and casually dressed in a knit cap, oversized hoops, a turtleneck, and high-waisted, wide-legged tie-fronts pants.

But she looks great anyhow. To see more, Music Royalty Eats on the Cheap - omg! photos on Yahoo!

Big MAC Attack

I hate crests and emblems. It’s probably because I dislike Juicy Couture. I don’t like its gaudy accessories with their insignia, and frankly, its velour tracksuits with the word “Juicy” emblazoned on the butt are tacky. Who wants to see (as I did) someone’s muffin top above a waistband with the word “Juicy” on it?

MAC Royal Assets holiday collection
6 Warm Eyes eye shadow palette

Still, I couldn’t resist buying this eye shadow palette 6 Warm Eyes from MAC’s Royal Assets limited edition holiday collection. The packaging features a white cover accented in gold with a crest in relief. The casing is made of metal, which provides some heft to the package, and has an authentic vintage look.

Makeup artist and blogger Elke von Freudenburg describes the shades in 6 Warm Eyes as “Golden leaf gold, pale shimmer peach, rich forest green, deep burgundy and rich earth brown.” There is also a matte tan with some pink undertones. The description on MAC’s web site has no relation to what’s in the palette.

Still, Elke didn’t describe the finishes. The shade that she describes as “rich forest green” has shimmer and looks like greenish gunmetal when applied. The deep burgundy is shiny. The rich earth brown shade (bottom row, right), which is matte, coordinates easily with the with the pale peach shimmer (top row, L), the matte tan (top row, R), and golden leaft gold (middle row, L). Coordinating the burgundy (middle row, R) and forest green (bottom row, R) shades with the other shades is more challenging (I prefer tonal shades). The burgundy and forest green shades probably would best used for the crease or outer corner of the eye.

I'll defer judgment on this palette until I'm able to experiment with all shades, including the burgundy and forest green shades.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More foundations for "women of color"

A selection of stick foundations

Do you want more reviews of foundations for women of color than provided in my post Finding cosmetics for African-American women?

Then visit COCOACHIC Beauty for reviews of liquid makeup from Clinique, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Prescriptives, Lancome, and Maybelline and reviews of stick makeup from Black Opal, Becca, Bobbi Brown, Iman, MAC, and Stila.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The fun Gus is having with you

"But Gus the gardener’s left now and you went with him, too
The fungus there reminds me of the fun Gus is having with you" - Garden of Love

Could a breakthrough in treating dandruff be far off? Scientists at P&G Complete Genome Sequence of Fungus Responsible for Dandruff, Skin Disorders (a really gross picture of the fungus Malassezia globosa may be seen by selecting this link).

The opening paragraph from this Reuters article Dandruff's genes sequenced is graphic enough:

First, researchers grew enough fungus to give dandruff to 10 million people. Next, they sequenced its genes. Then they found out that not only does an icky fungus live on your head and cause dandruff-- but it could be having sex. On your head. Right now.

This fungus had been discovered to reproduce sexually. According to the article, 10 liters of this fungus is enough for 10 million people.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Viva Glam

M·A·C Cosmetics | Viva Glam

Although it's been over a year since MAC launched Viva Glam VI, it's brought back Eve and Dita von Teese for a new ads to promote the Viva Glam series of lipsticks where the proceeds go to fight HIV/AIDS.

I didn't blog on Viva Glam VI when it was first launched, but the current promotion makes a review relevant once again. MAC describes Viva Glam VI as a "Warm terracotta-plum fusion with subtle pearl." Terracotta and plum are among my favorite makeup colors, so this fusion sounded very tempting.

However, Viva Glam VI was disappointing. It had less pigment than other MAC lipsticks that are among my favorites (Plum, a discontinued satin lipstick, and Bourbon, a lipstick from the limited edition Beauty Icon 3 collection featuring Catherine Deneuve). Moreover, the color didn't intensify my lips. I'd practically recommend giving the money directly to an AIDS cause, but I know that getting a lipstick at the same time is a lot more fun.

I certainly can't imagine burlesque dancer Dita von Teese, who was in the original Viva Glam campaign, wearing this lipstick. If red lipstick was created for anyone, it would be her, with her raven-black hair and fair complexion.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

How to Find the Right Lipstick Shade - not!

How to Find the Right Lipstick Shade

No, this isn't about finding the right lipstick shade. I blogged on the same topic before.

Rather, it's a rant. I've been blogging consistently for over 3 years and have maintained my web site for over 6 years. I spend a lot of time on the blog and I do all the maintenance of my web site and blog. I'm disappointed and frustrated that I don't have a wider readership.

Here Julyne Derrick is blogging on a topic that I've already covered. No, I am not suggesting that she ripped me off, but it's frustrating that my subscription base on Bloglines is smaller than hers.

I'm proud of the work I've done. The interviews with Lubna Khalid and Matin were especially rewarding. While some might argue that is reward in itself, I would like broader recognition and wider readership for my blog and some commissions earned through the programs for which I'm an affiliate (I do have to pay Yahoo! to host my web site).