About Me

The Style Page focuses on emerging, indie, and boutique fashion and beauty brands, innovative concepts, standout packaging, and of course, performance.

The Style Page welcomes opportunities for:
  • Interviews with entrepreneurs and other creatives (scroll down the side bar at right to find the drop-down list for interviews that I've done to date)
  • Features by guest contributors.  The Style Page solicits articles on skin care, hair care, fragrance, ethnic beauty, perceptions of physical beauty, color cosmetics, fashion and styling tips, and "how-tos."
  • Paid advertising and sponsored posts, consistent with the interests of this blog. 
Please send inquiries to thestylepage@yahoo.com.

11 fun facts about Julie, the person behind The Style Page:
  1. Since reactivating this blog in August 2011, it's been my joy to reconnect with the terrific creative people whom I've met over the years that I've had an online presence and connect with new friends.
  2. My first cosmetic was Yardley Slicker on a keychain - which really dates me!
  3. My first fragrance was Charlie - but then, who wasn't wearing Charlie in the 1970s??!! :-)  I then graduated to L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain and a sandalwood fragrance by Floris London that I can no longer find.   
  4. While I'm not ashamed of my age (and I've dropped hints), I don't broadcast it either.  I'm seeing the creep of lines, so anti-aging skin care is becoming more and more important to me.
  5. I find beauty most everywhere I travel. Of all places that I have visited, India is dearest to me - no doubt because my in-laws there have embraced me as their own.  
  6. I'm not only an Indophile, I'm something of a Canada-ophile.  
  7. Given my passion for world travel, it should be no surprise that I am a world music enthusiast. 
  8. I bawled when Shelby (Julia Roberts) was taken off life support and let to die in Steel Magnolias.  It was heartbreaking to see one so good die so young.
  9. What's with the tiger cub? A: I affectionately call my husband the Bengal tiger.  The tiger cubs refer to my nieces and nephews.
  10. I look for the absurd in life.
  11. Anything can happen with me, and usually does.