Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Revlon to discontinue Vital Radiance brand

After my two previous articles that dealt with Vital Radiance (Update on mass-market brands, Vital Radiance UPDATED 2006-02-22), it was only right to complete the story and inform readers that Revlon has faced the inevitable and is going to discontinue the Vital Radiance line. Poor sales have lead major retailers to drastically cut back on the number of stores selling the brand.

I provided some possible explanations on why Vital Radiance failed in my article Update on mass-market brands. For more about Revlon and its dropping Vital Radiance as part of its restructuring plan, read Revlon cuts 250 jobs, dumps cosmetics line in restructuring plan.

Susan McGraw for Vital Radiance

I'm going to miss Vital Radiance model Susan McGraw, however. She's cute, and I love her salt'n'pepper hair.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

$160.00 for Compact Foundation????

This has got to be the priciest makeup I have ever seen: it's even pricier than Shiseido's luxe Cle de Peau makeup line. This is from the signature line of Serge Lutens, the makeup artist who had previously created the dramatic looks for Shiseido's print advertising and displays. Serge Lutens makeup is available from Barneys.

Would you pay $160.00 for foundation??? Yes, you read that correctly: one hundred sixty dollars. What is the price you are willing to spend on makeup?

2006-09-21 UPDATE: apparently, Serge Lutens has nothing on H. Couture Beauty, which retails its mascara for $589.00 and its lipstick for $150.00 - found via The Weekend Read, from Elke von Freudenberg's The Beauty Newsletter. The cheek to call this "H. Couture Beauty"!

Friday, September 22, 2006

ThisNext - Blog - Interview: Julie of The Syle Page

Aunt Beep interviews The Style Page for ThisNext:
At ThisNext we can’t get enough of bloggers with a mission, and Julie of The Style Page (ThisNext profile: thestylepage) is no exception. Her quest is simple, she’s “obsessed with finding the perfect olive green eyeshadow; Cadbury mini-eggs and JBz chocolate candies; and glass bead jewelry.”

Fair enough, dear blogger. Fair enough.

Check out her worldly shopcasts on everything from mouth-watering marzipan to goth candle sticks to Sitar music then read on to see why she roams the isles of CVS and why she loves animated flicks…

Read more of the interview and learn more about my eclectic interests.

Also, Kristopher Dukes picked up on my shopcast for Constant Color Gel Eyeliner in Nightfall in her article A Pinch Goth, A Touch Glam: Black Makeup.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Belen Echandia's Golden Ticket is back

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Belen Echandia's Golden Ticket promotion

I received an Email from Belen Echandia about their current Golden Ticket promotion:
Belen Echandia’s Bag of the Season – will it be you?

Every season Belen Echandia selects a Bag of the Season and sends one lucky girl a Golden Ticket email. The Golden Ticket entitles its recipient to the Bag of the Season in her choice of colour. The Bag of the Season for AW 2006 is this unique cowhide metallic purse with removable chain strap. It is perfect for day and night, fits in all your essentials and looks fantastic, too.

This season’s Golden Ticket will be sent on 1 November 2006. The recipient can choose her favourite colour from cowhide from white/silver, white/gold and chocolate/gold.

To sign up, visit Belen Echandia's Invitation page and enter your Email address.

To see last season's Golden Ticket, please visit Belen Echandia's Golden Ticket.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ColorBar: for our readers in India

After the U.S. and Canada, the next highest percentage of our readers come from India. A number of our Indian readers have inquired about ColorBar Cosmetics from the K.K. Modi Group. ColorBar is a relatively late entrant into the increasingly crowded cosmetics market in India and seeks to compete with Chambor, Lakme, and overseas brands such as Revlon and L'Oreal.

ColorBar has launched its own website at www.colorbarworld.com. ColorBar has also retained a creative company to study the brand's performance in the Indian market (see agencyfaqs! > news & features > ColorBar Cosmetics moves to Law & Kenneth).

Currently, ColorBar is available only in select northern states in India. However, managing director Samir Modi has announced that ColorBar will expand into western India.