Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Beauty update and a special offer

We've updated our Beauty pages and added many new links, especially to our Cosmetics and Fragrance pages.

Di Kennedy Studio Colour from Australia is one of the new additions to The Style Page. Di characterizes her range as "professional quality, ultra girlie." I am impressed by the range of products and shades that she offers.

I am pleased to announce that Di Kennedy Studio Colour is offering a 10% discount exclusive to readers of The Style Page. To take advantage of this offer, please enter STYLE in the comments box upon checkout.

Prices are given in Australian currency, so readers outside Australia might want to use a currency converter such as FXConverter from OANDA to estimate the purchase amount of their order.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A Literary Anniversary

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Just as I am reading Mark Twain's Following The Equator, a memoir of his 1897 world tour, About Literature:Classic reminds me that November 30 is his birthday and provides some of his witty aphorisms.

The New York Times named Mark Twain: A Life, a recent biography by Ron Powers as among its 100 Notable Books of the Year.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cozy pajamas

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I'm not a fan of J.Jill, but I love these Winter Wonderland Pajamas. These pajamas feature ribbon seam binding on the collar, elastic waist with ribbon drawstring, a faux button fly, and wide legs. The fabric is cotton with a little spandex, and best of all, is brushed both
inside and out, so it's extra cozy for cold evenings and mornings.

One week left: Exclusive GWP offer from Closet Fetish

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Closet Fetish’s shoe boxes have been featured in Shop ETC and most recently, the November 2005 issue of InStyle. The Style Page is excited to provide its readers an exclusive gift with purchase offer in partnership with Closet Fetish.

Buy $100.00 of products from Closet Fetish and get a free shoe box. You might upgrade from plastic tube hangers or (God forbid) wire hangers and buy the Couture Starter Set ($105) with 6 wooden hangers and six shoe boxes to organize your closet or you can buy any combination of products totaling $100.00.

We're making this offer available throughout the month of November. To take advantage of this offer, make your selections at Closet Fetish, go to check out (you will be switched to PayPal), and leave a message in the gift message section indicating which color shoe box you would want for free. Please mention that you found out about the offer through The Style Page!

Sommer Meyer, President, Closet Fetish also volunteers this timely idea she received from a customer: buy the red boxes for Christmas boxes and in the frame where the picture goes, put a photo of the person getting the gift. Tie all the boxes with gold ribbon and the package looks great under the Christmas tree.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005's $1000 beauty shopping spree

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Enter to win one of ten $1000 shopping sprees at's Beauty store.

Also check out reader's selections such as Earthly Body Manicure Miracle and recent favorites of The Style Page, including Lola Cosmetics Eye Shadow and LORAC Brow Wax

Monday, November 14, 2005

Estee Lauder ups its hipness quotient with Tom Ford, Gwyneth Paltrow

The Estee Lauder Companies are working hard to re-energize their flagship Estee Lauder label. Last April, The Style Page noted Tom Ford's venture with Estee Lauder. In June, I noted Gwyneth Paltrow's contract with Estee Lauder to appear in their advertising campaigns. Only now are we seeing the results of these two ventures.

I was at Nordstrom in Tysons Corner last week, and a visiting makeup artist from Estee Lauder told me that only Neiman-Marcus and Saks are carrying the color products from the Tom Ford Collection. I then went to Saks, where the saleswoman told me that the Estee Lauder company was giving only small quantities of the products in the Tom Ford Collection to individual stores: for example, this Saks store received only one compact of solid perfume in Youth Dew Amber Nude (selling for $175!). The Eau du Parfum spray is strong enough to curl your toes, although Youth Dew Amber Nude is supposed to be lighter than original Youth Dew. I tested five lipsticks from the Tom Ford Collection ranging from a shimmering champagne to a shade that looked like malted milk to a deep plummy brown. The Tom Ford Collection also offers a subdued pinkish bronzer. I didn't find anything I wanted, thanked the saleswoman for her time, and walked away.

I have not been able to find the Tom Ford Collection sold online on I also tried, as the Tom Ford Collection premiered at its Fifth Avenue store, but all I could find available was the Eau du Parfum spray. With the way that Estee Lauder is limiting supply of the Tom Ford Collection, it's no surprise that these products are up for bid on eBay!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Eyes Have It - updated

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If I didn't get my hair colored, my hair would be completely white. I even have my hairdresser dye my brows to cover white hairs, but white hairs keep appearing. That's when LORAC Brow Wax in Brunette comes in to cover the white hair and groom the brows into place at the same time. For those with lighter hair, LORAC Brow Wax also comes in Blonde and Auburn.

To apply the LORAC Brow Wax, I use Sephora Short Handle Synthetic Beveled Eyebrow Brush

I am addicted to eye makeup. I scrutinize eyeshadows in the way that other people scrutinize paint chips. My latest acquisitions are
Lola Cosmetics Eye Shadow in Bones and Firehouse, a reddish brown that I use for the crease and the outer third of my eyelid.

I also purchased Clinique Brush-in Creme Eyeliner in Black Honey (part of Clinique's holiday collection based on its popular Black Honey lipstick) and like that product, but I was taken aback by the small amount of product there is. Don't bother with the itty-bitty brush furnished with the eyeliner - use a full-size slant-edge eyeliner instead.

Bookstand pages now updated

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Stack of books from LibraryThing


The Bookstand pages have now been updated. Check out the new listings for Stationery - especially timely, as Christmas and Chanukah are upon us.

Also check out new listings for Books such as Books - Classics - Literature from and LibraryThing. I discovered LibraryThing through a comment on this blog, after I mentioned ConnectViaBooks in my previous update of the Bookstand pages.

By merely looking at the home page, It is evident that the focus of ConnectViaBooks is social networking, while the focus of LibraryThing is cataloguing. I soon discovered that "Tim" who left the comment is the developer of the LibraryThing website. I wrote him to explain why he thought that his website was better than ConnectViaBooks.

Tim compared the lengthy sign-up procedure for ConnectViaBooks versus the "comically simple" approach used by his site - just enter a name and password and you can begin cataloguing books. Even if you don't sign up, you can browse people's catalogs - for example, you can browse my catalog (three books!) at
Tim even provide a utility to create a "widget" that features books from your library - I created a widget for the Books page.

Other benefits of LibraryThing include:

- Searches of the Library of Congress and other libraries around the world
- Use of real cataloguing systems, such as the Dewey Decimal System and Library of Congress call numbers.
- Editing capabilities, including the creation of tags that are meaningful for you. Tagging, or "Folksonomy," is also used by for creating and managing wish lists, for creating and managing bookmarks to share, and flickr for photo sharing.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Great News

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FYLO Cosmetics (see our April 26, 2005 post) will debut at Henri Bendi November 18-20.

Congratulations to Heidi for getting her line picked up by Henri Bendel!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yes, there really was a Bonne Bell

For many women, Bonne Bell was probably the first cosmetic that they used.

Now comes news that the real Bonne Bell has died at the age of 82.