Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Revlon® Pedi-EXPERT™ Pedicure Kit

Ped Egg has received good press, despite the cheesiness of its "As Seen on TV" ads. To my knowledge, the first product of its kind was the Microplane Foot File. Now I've found a foot file that I like even better than Microplane: it's the Revlon® Pedi-EXPERT™ Pedicure Kit:

Revlon® Pedi-EXPERT™ Pedicure Kit

Why do I like the Revlon® Pedi-EXPERT™ Pedicure Kit? There's a lifetime guarantee, unlike the Ped Egg, which sells replacement graters. What are the advantages of Revlon® Pedi-EXPERT™ over Microplane? I particularly like the ergonomic shape that you can cradle in your hand (like a good computer mouse); also, there's a finishing file built in to smooth your feet after shaving them with the grater. For the budget-conscious, Revlon® Pedi-EXPERT™ Pedicure Kit costs half of what Microplane costs.

You may find Revlon® Pedi-EXPERT™ Pedicure Kit at major drugstore chains, "big box" stores, and Ulta.


lmm said...

I don't usually leave comments on things but this item deserves the effort! I was astounded by how well this product worked. I have tried many things over the past year with many mishaps and much wasted time and money but this was worth every cent. The only thing I'd suggest is that you soak your feet in warm water for a bit then towel dry them prior to using the egg.

sharell said...

get out the shower and lotion your feet and go to town the ped egg is far inferior to this product and i bought for $2.50 at rite aid after x-mas

Anonymous said...

Its a waste of money and a piece of shit. Your obviously a sell out.