Monday, April 09, 2012

Beauty-box subscriptions: what do you think?

The article Beauty-box subscriptions: High-end cosmetics samples delivered to your door from (the online companion to The Inquirer, Philadelphia's newspaper) presents an uncritical look at subscription services such as Julep, Birchbox, and Beauty Army.

I do not subscribe, but other beauty bloggers who do have expressed disappointment with what they've received.

Do you subscribe to any of the beauty box subscription services?  What do you think?

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MarciaF (Beauty Info Zone) said...

I think they have good and bad points. What you'll end up with is a lot of samples of skincare and just a touch of cosmetics. If you love nail polish then Julep is great since you know you're getting 2 full size polishes plus some other glorious additions. Birchbox has its ups and downs. My Glam is the one I'm dropping since last month was a fiasco in my opinion. I'm looking forward to trying Glossy Box.
As you can tell, I like them!