Sunday, January 23, 2005

WHAT'S NEW - Beauty pages now updated on The Style Page

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The Style Page has just updated the Beauty pages for COSMETICS, FRAGRANCE, HAIR AND NAILS, BUSINESS, CONSUMER, and SHOPPING. This update includes links to Beloved Body Care and My Vanity Case, but not before The Style Page droves visitors to their sites via this blog - including a visitor who became a customer! (Refer to our previous update to the Beauty pages on November 27, 2004).

As always, I have added many new links to the Beauty pages. I removed the icon to, as and have a common shopping cart and checkout. You can purchase beauty products from and health products, housecleaning products, and more from in the same session so that you can qualify for free shipping sooner. I have also added "screen tips" in the product listings so that you know which products you can purchase through our partner stores.

The Style Page likes clever products, and among the new brands it has included on this update, it would like to highlight Spongeables, a soap and sponge in one. I purchased Spongeables in Fresh Lavender, and the first time I used it in the shower, the entire bathroom was suffused in fragrance! Spongeables are available at - just select the image at left to shop.

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