Friday, April 20, 2007

Massacre at Virginia Tech

Northern Virginia, where I live, has been deeply and personally affected by the Virginia Tech massacre. Below is a list of those residents of Northern Virginia who died in the massacre:

Daniel Perez Cueva. Age 21. Junior, International Studies.
Erin Peterson. Age 18. Freshman.
Mary Read. Age 19. Freshman.
Reema Samaha. Age 18. Freshman.
Leslie Sherman. Age 20. Sophomore, History and International Studies.
Maxine Turner. Age 22. Senior, Chemical Engineering.

The lives of these young women and young man were senselessly cut short. I extend my sympathy and condolences to family and friends of all victims, whether from Northern Virginia or elsewhere.

The killer, Cho Seung-Hui, also came from Northern Virginia. I am saddened for his family, who will have to carry this stigma for the rest of their lives.

I encourage readers of The Style Page to honor the memory of the victims by giving to the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund.

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