Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rethinking Mally Beauty

After a recent spate of presentations by Mally Roncal on QVC, I began to rethink my opinions about Mally Beauty. I still like the packaging of Mally Beauty products and the beautiful shades of Mally's Shimmer, Shape & Glow Face System, but the pressed powders are so hard, it's difficult to pick up color on a brush. I have to scrape powder with my fingernail to pick up color on my brush.

Also, some of Mally's products outrageously priced. A 4.0 oz bottle of dual-phase eye remover for $25, when you can buy dual-phase eye makeup removers from Neutrogena or Boots Botanicals for less than $10, with more product? A waxy brow pencil for $25, when Revlon ColorStay Brow Enhancer, a comparable product, costs less than $10?

If Mally would reformulate the Mally's Shimmer, Shape & Glow Face System, I'd be a repeat customer. I'll pass on the Eye-Opening Brow Boost and Dual Action Makeup Remover.


Jody said...

It's not just her shimmer, shape & glow that's hard to apply. The pencil end of her shimmer wands are hard to apply to the inner corner and inner rim is impossible. I love to watch Mally on the Q, but her products just aren't worth the price tag. Her selling point now is so called special bonding with her products using her cream base be it eye liners, brow colours, and now eye color then applying a powder to magically bond the products together and they are suppose to e bullet proof. To me that special product of hers is no different than using any other primer or base of choice and then apply your powder product on top be it eye shadow or blush ect.. Basic make up rule is if you apply a liquid(ie creams shadows primers ect) and then layer a powder on top it will lock in place. Just remember to use a light touch when applying the wet part of this mix. More is not better. Then when applying powder on top blend well apply color again blend and if you have time apply another layer of color and blend again. That way your make up will last for hours. Ask any MUA and they tell how well it works. Jumping off my soap box now. LOL

Julie said...

I love watching Mally on QVC, too.

The pencil on her shimmer wand worked fine for me. The dabber at the other end was too much.

I sent a message to Mally via Facebook concerning the hardness of her pressed powders: hope that she gets the message!

Anonymous said...

This comment is for Julie. I have got to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I watched a presentation of Mally's brow boost last night. I came so so close to snatching it up but I decided to do some research first. I found your post. Today I purchased the Revlon Color Stay. I think my brows look better than they have in years. I have used a powder for the past few years and it just hasn't been cutting it. This stuff is great. I am a Bare Esentuals gal and I am glad to say I am adding the color stay to my collection.

thanks for the good advice,

Julie said...

Hi Anon,
It's good to hear that you passed on an impulse purchase and that Revlon ColorStay Brow Enhancer works so well for you.

Kat said...

I have been a makeup artist for many years and have worked for large makeup companies in the past.A lot of the companies manufacture for various cosmetic lines,(private lable). I know that Mally is a very good makeup artist and she knows what she looks for in a makeup that she works with since application is very important.I am going to guarantee that when she is not selling on QVC she is using many brands along with her own makeup items.Most makeup artists do not have just one line that they choose to use, unless they are trying to sell it.That said I also guarantee that she doesn't have as much control over the products that she is selling, as you might think. Remember, the cosmetic industry is a multi billion dollar biz and there are bigger boys on the block than Mally. Think Bobbie Brown (who sold her company to Estee Lauder)she was a celebrity make up artist and found the money is in selling the products.Now days more products are being made out of the country and some of them are a little substandard.You can't know this based on what the packaging looks like since that is another multi-bizzion dollar biz.You can put junk in a nice bottle and charge a fortune and put gold in a cheap bottle and end up paying a fair price for it and it becomes one of those little treasures.I'm going to guess that Mally may have some good products but the price tag is on the high side for what you are going to get.Remember companies like Lancomb own other companies where you can get the same or similar formula, for less money. Lancomb is also Lorial.Estee Lauder knows the value of a good competitor so much so that she created her own competition. Estee lauder owns, Clinique,Prescriptives, Origins, and Bobbie Brown as I mentioned earlier and she private lables for others.I don't know where Mally is having her makeup made but it is more than likely a private lable company and there are steep piece minimums to have it custom packaged, so the formulas may or may not be able to be customized. It is far easier to customize skin care or hair care products than lip liners or pencils and the like. I like to catch Mally when she does segments to gain her little application tips that she has cultivated in her years of experience. That is worth more to me because it comes down to the application. Remember girls to blend and more blending, that is the key to a great makeup application!

Julie said...


You provided valuable insight into how the cosmetics industry works. QVC's website identifies the country of manufacture of Mally's products. You may verify, but I think that the product itself is manufactured in Canada, while the packaging is manufactured in China.


Anonymous said...

Kat, thanks for the information. I seen Mally on QVC also and I was interested in buying I think it was her powder or something she was showing where it helped with your oily skin. Do you have any suggestions for a good makeup line for foundation and powder for oily skin. I hate that by noon I am oily and if I reapply powder to take out the shine it only last for a few hours. By 5:00 one big oily mess. Help.