Monday, May 21, 2007

Kate Moss, marketing juggernaut

In the 90s, she was the target for criticism about the fashion industry promoting unhealthy body images. In this decade, she's a marketing juggernaut. Although the notorious tabloid picture of her allegedly snorting cocaine (below) cost her several contracts, most notably a campaign for Stella McCartney's limited edition collection for H+M, ads featuring her were never absent from the fashion magazines. Now Kate Moss is bigger than ever before.

Kate allegedly snorting cocaine

Her collection Kate Moss Topshop for UK high street retailer Topshop ("high street" is Britspeak for "chain store" for example, H+M, Forever 21, Gap, Banana Republic) was sold in US, incongruously, through Barneys. Barneys featured a countdown clock on its web site for Kate Moss Topshop on its website: orders could be placed beginning midnight. By the morning, however, the collection was sold out.

For all those who went away disappointed that they missed out on shopping Kate Moss Topshop, Barneys helpfully (or maybe not so helpfully) covered the launch party after the collection sold out. Check out Kate's outfit that featured a sheer muumuu, cinched with a belt, which plainly shows the black bikini bottom underneath.

Kate's latest endeavors include the projected launch of a skin care line and a partnering with hair stylist James Brown on a new line of hair care products.