Thursday, July 05, 2007

Good and bad advice from Allure

Here are Beauty tips of the month from Allure:
  1. For a little drama, try not washing your mascara and eyeliner off completely—it will be smudgy and sexy the next day, says Charlotte Tilbury.
  2. Try a lipstain instead of gloss—the look is more inviting, say makeup artists. Dab color on the middle of lips, blending outward. It should look as if you've polished off a Popsicle.
  3. Work a new version of smoky eyes with bronze colored shadow. Line eyes with a soft chocolate pencil and sweep eye shadow over the lids and a little underneath, blending so there are no hard lines.
Regarding the first tip, going to bed without removing your makeup is a no-no! It will not be sexy in the morning!

Facial cleanser is usually not enough to remove eye makeup, so be sure to use an eye makeup remover (I prefer oil-freeicon or two-phaseicon liquid eye makeup removers that don't leave an oily residue) and pat clean with a cotton ball or pad. Eye makeup removers formulated with mineral oil causes smearing. Use a second cotton ball or pad to make sure all eye makeup has been removed.

I won't comment on the second tip - I tried to take advantage of Allure's giveaway for Laura Mercier's Mulberry Lip Stain, but the server for her web site was probably overwhelmed with visitors taking advantage of the same offer.

Isadora Eye Shadow Quartet in Antique Gold

However, the third tip is great - I like the Isadora Eye Shadow Quartet in Antique Gold (I use the darkest shade as a liner), but the Eye Shadow Quartet in Bronzing Plum also looks tempting.

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