Monday, September 24, 2007

Finds from The Container Store

Finds from The Container Store

I can go nuts at The Container Store buying cute things for storage and organization. I'm compulsive about buying things to better organize my activities, as though the mere act of buying will make me better organized - ha! I recently went on a shopping spree at The Container Store, and the picture above shows only some of what I bought.

At upper left is the To-Do pad from WhoMi. This colorful collection of note pads are spiral-bound together and there is a color-coded pad for each shop, call, and do.

At upper right is the Memo Pocket from Moleskine, best known for its notebooks. The Memo Pocket is actually a mini Accordion file folder that can fit in your handbag. It's great for sorting and organizing receipts, coupons, and other scraps of paper.

At lower left and lower right are Post-It note pads from Russell+Hazel. The Memo Notes at lower left feature a vertical bar on the left side where you can circle the month and day. Alas, the type is itty-bitty, and the orange and pink make it even more difficult to read. The Chicklet Notes are tiny (3/4" x 1") Post-It note pads. The pack consists of eight pads, two of each in pink, blue, green, and orange. Many people think that Russell+Hazel is overpriced, but dang, their products are so cute!

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