Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Stylish options for Laptop cases

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Tired of the basic black laptop case? Looking for more stylish options? Browse the Bags and Luggage page for sites such as ACME Made, Gyms Pacific, Jalda, jzmo, KaraB, Melissa Beth, Mobile Edge, and Tumi, which offer livelier options.

Lapdog from Shaun Jackson Designs

Although it's black, take a look at the Lapdog from Shaun Jackson Designs - the design is anything but boring-boring, but admittedly a bit of a nuisance when going through airport security.

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Brand-O said...

I'm a fan of the REI backpack. Has tons of pockets for mouse, wireless card, ethernet cable, etc. and it doesn't exactly look like a laptop to would be thieves. Althought the backpack isn't exactly about style.