Monday, November 03, 2008

Five Great Uses for Your Average Washcloth

Pursuant to my post Quick Fixes, which featured content supplied by Total Beauty, comes this article from Julyne Derrick of 5 Great Uses for Your Average Washcloth.

Formerly, Paula Begoun opposed the use of mechanical exfoliants such as washclothes, as these could create micro-tears in the skin. Paula has changed her position, given the prevalence of long-wearing, non-budging makeup. For the same reason, she now advocates using eye makeup remover.

As for myself, I don't use an "average" washcloth: instead, I use the Wonder Cloth, which I purchased from Bed Bath & Beyond. Lately, I've been using the Klorane Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover with Cornflower Extract lotion to remove eye makeup, and I'm pleased with how it removes eye makeup.

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