Friday, May 15, 2009

Living Proof No Frizz hair care

The Washington, DC metro area is infamous for its humid weather: I'm surprised that TotalBeauty didn't name Washington, DC among its 13 Worst Hair Cities.

In humid weather, my hair frizzes and becomes unmanageable. I've tried traditional silicone-based products, such as John Frieda's Frizz Ease® serum, but silicone-based products weigh down my hair and don't provide significant relief from frizz.

I received some LivingProof NoFrizz hair care products, which are silicone-free. NoFrizz did the trick where silicone-based products failed. My hair stays smooth in humid weather.

LivingProof NoFrizz hair products

How do No Frizz products work? The Beauty Brains (my favorite source for evaluating beauty claims, along with Paula Begoun) write,

Living Proof uses a type of chemical known as a PolyfluoroEster (or PFE for short) to smooth the hair shaft and prevent moisture from being absorbed. ... But PFEs (which are Teflon-like compounds) are VERY good at lowering surface tension, and so in theory they could provide the three main benefits [frizz prevention, dirt repellancy, and shine and color enhancement] that Living Proof claims on their website ...

Read more from The Beauty Brains article Are Living Proof No Frizz Products Good For Curly Hair? Also read the review Living Proof NO-FRIZZ Keeps Frizz From Frazzling You! (love that title) by Advice Sister Alison.

You may find Living Proof No Frizz hair products at Sephora stores and


lutefisk said...

This sounds like just what I need for humidity.

Lauren said...

I'm a DC girl too and I cannot tell you how much I love this stuff. I have a LOT of wavy hair and it usually goes nuts in the summer, and so far it's been okay. We'll see what happens in August, though...