Friday, July 03, 2009

More Than a Pretty Face interviews Sam Fine, Part 2

Sam's Club in the May 2009 issue of Vogue

5. In Fine Beauty, you advocated neutral makeup, and in your appearance on CBS Morning News, you still advocate neutral makeup. Yet Liya Kebede and Chanel Iman are wearing vivid blush in the Vogue article. Is the distinction between everyday life and editorial or runway?

Yes, there is definitely a distinction between everyday life and editorial/runway. Editorial and runway give you the freedom to experiment with different, bold looks- looks that might not work for the everyday. For example, translating extreme rosy cheeks on the runway might mean using a little colorful eyeliner to brighten your look.

Watch CBS Videos Online - Sam Fine on CBS Morning News

6. Which do you like best: print, runway, or “real life”? Why?

Definitely real life. I love working on real women- I grew up with a mom and three sisters and I definitely have an appreciation for how makeup translates on a “real woman’s” face. Just like the women in my DVD.

Iman hosts the launch party for Sam Fine's DVD
L to R: Iman, Sam Fine, Deborah Cox, and Vanessa Williams: "real women"?

7. Do you want to create your cosmetics line? The Vogue article says that you put together custom kits for women. It seems like a logical progression for you to start your own makeup line.

You’ll have to stay tuned!

8. Are you planning to write another book?

Probably not. I’d like to work on expanding into more DVD’s, hopefully touching on everything that I wasn’t able to in the first.

9. It’s been 11 years since Fine Beauty was published. If you were to revise Fine Beauty, what would you change or update? Since you meant to be an illustrator, I think it would be great to include your illustrations. :)

I wouldn’t change a thing – I’m just extremely glad that there’s now a different form of media to reach the consumer, which is why I decided to do the DVD!

11. Are there any parting makeup tips that you would like to share with our readers?

Sure- here are some of my favorites.

Using a single layer of tissue, blot the excess oil from foundation, leaving the skin looking more natural and less made-up.

If you can't find the perfect nude eyeshadow, use a pressed powder that matches your complexion instead.

A light dusting of loose powder over eyebrows makes them appear more natural and prevents them from fading throughout the day.

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