Thursday, July 09, 2009

Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day™

When my husband told me that I was losing hair, I didn’t want to believe it. When I saw that I could see straight through to my scalp under overhead lights, I could no longer deny that I was losing hair. I began looking for solutions to make my hair look lush.

Enter Joan Rivers. Skin pulled tightly across her face, due to multiple cosmetic surgeries (how much further can it be stretched?). Relentless hawker on QVC. Former comedienne.

Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day™

Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day™ is a matte powder that you brush on your hair to mask thinning hair. The directions tell you to use the pointed end of the brush to create parts in your hair for application. A fine-toothed comb, like a rattail comb, works better. The instructions also recommend that the user stop about ¼” before the scalp: Joan says that’s to prevent your hair looking like a wig, or, I might add, like a bad dye job.

When liberally applied, according to instructions, Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day™ does what it says it does: it gives you the appearance of a fuller head of hair. It really doesn't work for touchups, particularly for those pesky hairs along the hair line.

You may find Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day™ on and in the mail order catalogs Time for Me and Soft Surroundings.

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