Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Illamasqua now at!

Illamasqua brand image

Last September, I reported on the pending launch of Illamasqua in the UK, initially at Selfridges. Since that time, Illamasqua has expanded through the UK.

I wrote to Illamasqua, and asked when it would come to the U.S. A representative flatly wrote back to me that Illamasqua had no immediate plans to expand in the U.S.

Now, according to an authoritative source, namely The Official Blog of Illamasqua, Illamasqua will arrive in the U.S.:

Yes you’ve heard right, the rumours are true. We’re thrilled to announce that Illamasqua will be launching in the brand new Sephora store, 5 Times Square on 31st July.

Although we weren’t planning to retail in the US quite this soon, the demand from our American fans has been phenomenal so we just didn’t think it was fair to keep people waiting any longer. ...

... We knew what we were doing was groundbreaking, but we honestly didn’t anticipate such an incredible global reaction.

Our US rollout will begin on 31st July with a coveted spot in New York’s newest beauty mecca, Sephora 5 Times Square. We will then be bringing our artistry to a further 26 Sephora stores across America by the end of October.

Now those of us in the U.S. don't have to wait any longer: today, The Official Blog of Illamasqua announces that Goes Live! As for me, I'm springing for the nail polish in Unnatural (blood red) to go with Ellis Faas liquid lipcolor in its signature blood red Ellis Red.

I predict that Illamasqua will have a cult following on the order of MAC or NARS Cosmetics.

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