Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Her name is Aphrodite ...

and she rides a crimson shell"

The myth of Aphrodite brought to mind the song Tales of Brave Ulysses:

The band is Cream.  It released its last album in 1969.  Cream consisted of Eric Clapton (who needs no introduction), Jack Bruce (bass and vocals), and Ginger Baker (drums).  Jack Bruce might be my favorite rock vocalist, but this video doesn't present his voice to best effect.  Interestingly, Clapton receives little face time, as the focus is on Jack Bruce and the somewhat crazed looking ("creepy but cool") Ginger Baker.

This performance is from a 1968 appearance on The Smother Brothers TV Hour.  The Smother Brothers TV Hour was the only show on TV, certainly in prime time, to feature bands such as The Who, Jim Morrison and The Doors, and Jefferson Airplane - the latter with Kate ("God Bless America") Smith!

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Anonymous said...

The sounds like yumm! For some reasons i just love the look of that!

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