Thursday, November 01, 2012

Cane + Austin Retexturizing Treatment Pads

I love alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). They’re instant skin care gratification.

AHAs work by destroying the “glue” that holds dead skin cells to the skin’s surface. Dead skin cells are then sloughed off, and the skin immediately appears brighter. Sunscreen, moisturizer, face primer, and makeup apply more smoothly after an AHA treatment.

 AHAs are typically derived from fruits or sugar cane. Cane + Austin Retexturizing Treatment Pads use AHAs derived from sugar cane. Get it? Cane + Austin? :) Austin refers to dermatologist Dr. Craig Austin, MD.
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Cane + Austin Retexturizing Treatment Pads are saturated with a 10% glycolic acid solution, a fairly high concentration for an AHA product sold outside a doctor’s office. I like this product. I do object to the recommendation for use: daily, both morning and night. A 10% AHA product should be used only once or twice a week. This seems to be a ploy to get the customer to buy more, more often. It’s the same thing as the shampoo-rinse-repeat myth.

Cane + Austin Retexturizing Treatment Pads may be purchased through its website or The Cane + Austin website provides for auto-shipment of a 30-day supply of 60 pads: surprise!

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