Saturday, April 17, 2010

Beauty from Aldi

You have got to be joking! Aldi – the warehouse grocery store often situated in lower middle class neighborhoods where you bag your own? Believe it.

Aldi has exported Lacura Beauty from Germany to its U.S. stores (Aldi itself is headquartered in Germany). Lacura features a wide range of products, including foundation, compact powder, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, nail polish, and eye shadow duos: all at less than four dollars apiece. The products are contained in unpacked crates, so it can be difficult to find the shades you want.

I sampled Lacura lipsticks. These are emollient lipsticks: the principal ingredients are castor oil, candelila wax, and jojoba.

I love nude lips, but Cool Sand, a beige with shimmer, drained color from my lips and face. If you’ve dreaded red lipstick, then try Lacura lipstick in Red Velvet as your initial foray into red. A pricier option is Besame Cosmetics Enchanting lipstick in Merlot. Lacura also carries a lipstick in Deep Red, which I didn’t try.

Altogether, you can’t beat the price of Lacura, and there are some worthwhile options to look into.


Discounted Cosmetics said...

I too use Touche Eclat everyday and would love to find a cheaper alternative for lazy days! So I may have to try this. Girl with the Golden Touch - I think their range is really good value and would recommend it to anyone on a budget.First impressions are the packaging is not as nice but I can deal with that as I don't always judge a product by its packaging ;-S According to the blurb, the light reflecting particles in this concealer pen are perfect for covering and concealing fine lines and dark shadows under the eyes - reducing signs of fatigue and tiredness.

image consultant courses said...

Lacura Beauty Cosmetic is such a fab find. Its got almost everything you need.

muhammed sekertekin said...

hi muhammed sekertekin here good day to all. this is way better than a mac and much cheaper i will get this for my wife and sisters ...