Monday, January 21, 2013

Which blog do you prefer? Blogger or Wordpress?

I had heard a lot about Wordpress being a superior platform to Blogger.  It wasn't until my husband set up his first blog in Wordpress that I made the jump to Wordpress.

I found that Wordpress had a friendlier interface for blog administration; in addition the "Press This" button enabled me to "riff" on web pages.

I asked for quick impressions from Halifax of Sparkled Beauty (whom I consider my BBF - best blogging friend) and my husband about which design they liked better: this blog or the Wordpress blog, The Style Page | Off the beaten beauty path.  Both said that they liked the format of the new Wordpress blog.

Which do you prefer: the design of this blog or the Wordpress blog?  Submit your comments on this article or send me an email at thestylepage [at] yahoo [dot] com.


young hopes said...

i prefer to use blogger because it enables ads which is not there on wordpress, u have to buy the same for ads

Megan P. said...

I prefer Wordpress as a platform. I like the dashboard and customization options on Wordpress.