Thursday, November 11, 2004

Home and Design pages now updated

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I've just completed updating the Home and Design pages on The Style Page, with new additions to the ACCESSORIES, BATH, BEDROOM, CARPETS AND FLOORS, CERAMICS, CLOSETS, FURNITURE, KITCHEN, TABLETOP, TEXTILES, and YOUTH pages.

It's been great to get notice for the Home and Design pages. Karen from Switzerland found The Style Page while searching for Judy Ross Textiles. She recommended nonchalantmom, a web site offering modern (not cutesy) clothing for children, playthings, and "nesting materials" - pillows, blankets, etc. Karen also directed me to, a major resource on modern design. As you browse the Home and Design pages, you will find several links to

Nick wrote to inform The Style Page about his website Miam Miam (meaning "yum-yum" in French), which sells French products including quilts and home accessories. Miam Miam is also a "bricks-and-mortar" store in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Textiles from Creative Women

I was in Cleveland, Ohio, where I visited the Cleveland Museum of Art and of course, its museum shop. Whoever selects merchandise for the museum shop is doing a fabulous job! It's not just reproductions of art on T-shirts and other accessories. The museum shop also features pillows from Maharam, but the discovery for me were the shawls and other textiles from Creative Women, which is opening markets for textiles based on traditional designs, colors, and materials from Ethiopia and promoting women's economic independence in that African country.

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