Saturday, November 27, 2004

Major updates to the BEAUTY pages

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This week (actually the day before Thanksgiving), I completed a major update of the Beauty pages. I am always surprised by the number of cosmetics brands I discovered. The Cosmetics page has many new additions, particularly brands that I discovered during a trip to Italy (Lake Maggiore) last month. As always, I want to recognize those brands about which people sent me information through the Contact Us page or email: Cherriflip, Ava Aromatics, and Melis. After I had published the latest updates, I received information about Beloved Body Care and My Vanity Case, a beauty and perfumery website with a presence at London's venerable Fortnum & Mason department store.

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Anonymous said...

I love the style page! Thanks for all of the excellent websites and beauty tips. Keep up the good work. I also went onto Beloved Body Care (cool site) & My Vanity Case. I ordered holiday gifts from both! AWESOME!!! Thanks again.