Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bookstand pages now updated

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Stack of books from LibraryThing


The Bookstand pages have now been updated. Check out the new listings for Stationery - especially timely, as Christmas and Chanukah are upon us.

Also check out new listings for Books such as Books - Classics - Literature from and LibraryThing. I discovered LibraryThing through a comment on this blog, after I mentioned ConnectViaBooks in my previous update of the Bookstand pages.

By merely looking at the home page, It is evident that the focus of ConnectViaBooks is social networking, while the focus of LibraryThing is cataloguing. I soon discovered that "Tim" who left the comment is the developer of the LibraryThing website. I wrote him to explain why he thought that his website was better than ConnectViaBooks.

Tim compared the lengthy sign-up procedure for ConnectViaBooks versus the "comically simple" approach used by his site - just enter a name and password and you can begin cataloguing books. Even if you don't sign up, you can browse people's catalogs - for example, you can browse my catalog (three books!) at
Tim even provide a utility to create a "widget" that features books from your library - I created a widget for the Books page.

Other benefits of LibraryThing include:

- Searches of the Library of Congress and other libraries around the world
- Use of real cataloguing systems, such as the Dewey Decimal System and Library of Congress call numbers.
- Editing capabilities, including the creation of tags that are meaningful for you. Tagging, or "Folksonomy," is also used by for creating and managing wish lists, for creating and managing bookmarks to share, and flickr for photo sharing.

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