Saturday, April 01, 2006

CARGO bites the dust

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Two years after I wrote What Guys Want, my review of the premier issue of CARGO, hyped as the men's version of Lucky, I learned through the New York Times that Condé Nast has stopped publication of CARGO: O.K., Fellas, Let's Shop. Fellas? Fellas?

While the article facetiously suggests that CARGO failed because guys don't like stickers, the best explanation was provided by Jimmy Jelinek, editor-in-chief of Stuff magazine:
"They [CARGO] failed to realize how men shop," Mr. Jellinek said. "You don't buy a cellphone based on what it does for you as much as it matches your sneakers. Shopping is about using possessions as a means to augment your power."

Or, to put it in another way: He who dies with the most toys, wins. Readers, I put it to you: how do men's shopping patterns differ from women's?

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