Monday, March 12, 2007

Changes to The Style Page blog sidebar

I had to customize the layout of The Style Page blog to automatically load the Flash widget for ThisNext. However, customizing the layout meant that many of the elements (Subscribe, Shopping, Blog archive, and Blogroll) in the sidebar were lost, and I had to reconstruct the elements.

I've also added a "Rate this blog" feature and a BlogExplosion button.

If there are any other news readers I should add under Subscribe, please contact me at thestylepage [at]

I've been using My Web from Yahoo! to provide links to newly discovered web sites. You can find the five most recent links under My Web Bookmarks on the left-hand sidebar. By selecting "My Web 2.0 Links," you will be directed to all bookmarks I've collected since the last update of The Style Page web site - it is simply too laborious to update the static HTML pages anymore.

1 comment:

ThisNext said...

Your ThisNext flash badge looks great :)