Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dr. Baumann's The Skin Type Solution

Here comes dermatologist Leslie Baumann, MD, with her own system for determining skin type: The Skin Type Solution. According to the publisher's website

Four dominant factors determine your Skin Type. These factors are: oily vs. dry, sensitive vs. resistant, pigmented vs. non-pigmented, and wrinkled vs. tight.

Thus, there are 16 different skin types, according to Dr. Baumann, each with its 4-letter abbreviation. With these 16 skin type combinations, Dr. Baumann's system is less like than the seasonal color typing popularized by Carole Jackson (author of Color Me Beautiful and Color Me Beautiful Makeup Book) in the 1980s and more like the 4-dimension Myers-Briggs Type Indicator!

Has anyone tried Dr. Baumann's system? Is it merely a gimmick or does it really help you care for your skin? Dr. Baumann has an online skin care store, which features both luxury and mass-market brands for all the 16 skin types. She has not (at least not yet!) rolled out her own skin care line. More information about her book The Skin Type Solution is found at (an alias for the publisher's web pages on her book.

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The Style Page said...

I saw a copy of Dr. Baumann's book, which featured an endorsement by Paula Begoun. I trust Paula's skin care advice and use Paula's skin care products, so that's good enough for me.