Monday, June 18, 2007

Is Beyonce's look really that bad?

OK, this is certainly not Beyonce's best picture and might not be her best look, but is it really the fashion disaster that Cynthia Nellis of fashion.about.coom says that it is?

Ms. Nellis writes:
What's missing in Beyonce's outfit goes way beyond a pair of pants or a skirt (although either would've helped): Beyonce is missing dignity. She owes it to her fabulous self to skip the trends -- like these almost-invisible teensy shorts -- that don't flatter her and stick with what does (which is pretty much just about everything else).
A slightly longer boy short might be better, but who needs thigh coverage with legs like these?

My criticism? The bright pink lipstick. Mally Roncal (her longtime makeup artist) or the beauty professionals at L'Oreal (for which Beyonce is a spokesperson) were not paying attention here.

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Dan Schawbel said...

That dress looks terrible on her