Thursday, October 18, 2007

Finding cosmetics for African-American women

Here's a good article from about finding cosmetics for African-American women at drugstores and other venues. Especially valuable is the review of foundations from Iman, CG Queen Collection from Cover Girl, L'Oreal HIP, and L'Oreal True Match.

If you're a "woman of color" (a marketing rubric to encompass women whose origins come from elsewhere than Europe), do you prefer to shop a brand targeted toward women of color or one that appeals to everyone? Why?


Anonymous said...

its sad that ive gone to enough CVS'S in MASS and havent been able to find the new Cover Girl Compact powder by Queen Latifah. Actually in one of them I was told they dont get to carry them because there's not enough market!!!!! Discrimination CVS?

The Style Page said...

They probably are telling the truth when they say there's not enough market. Big chains like CVS know how well items are selling in any store at any time. Similarly, P&G, which owns Cover Girl, knows its markets intimately.

May I suggest that you visit to locate a store that carries the Queen Collection?

Anonymous said...

You should try Black Radiance cosmetics for African American Women - very affordable prices $1.99 - $7.99.

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