Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Where to buy Jordana cosmetics

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Site statistics are a valuable means of feedback on The Style Page. Lately, I noticed that users found the Beauty > Cosmetics page by searching on "where can i buy jordana cosmetics" and "buy jordana cosmetics."

Jordana cosmetics are very affordable, but not that easy to find. The Style Page has spotted Jordana eye pencils and lip pencils at Walgreen's and the fuller range of Jordana cosmetics at dollar stores, but not at the large chains such as Big Lots!, Dollar Tree, or Dollar General, which are listed on the Beauty > Shopping page.


Dee said...

I think, after so many years trying dozens of more expensive cosmetics, that the Jordana eyeliners and other products are the very best!

Anonymous said...

I agree! Jordana Eye Fixation Long Wearing Shadow is the only eye shadow I have ever used that actually stays on my eye all day, but since my town's dollar store went out of business I can't find it anywhere else. :(

Julie said...

Anon, see my post Finding those hard-to-find inexpensive cosmetics, http://thestylepage.blogspot.com/2007/03/finding-those-hard-to-find-inexpensive.html. You'll find a website where you can shop Jordana online.

Anonymous said...

you also can find a bigger selection at kmart stores