Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lush develops palm oil-free soap base

Lush, the purveyors of bath and body products with clever names, natural ingredients, and minimal packaging, is taking yet another step for environmental responsibility. It will switch from palm oil base for its soaps to base using sunflower, rapeseed and coconut oil. To meet the demand for palm oil, countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia have been clearing rainforests to build palm plantations. Lush claims that sunflower and rapeseed are sustainable products harvested in Europe, while coconut oil is sourced from sustainable plantations in Indonesia.

For more, see Lush develops palm oil-free soap base


i♥make-up said...

Girl, I didn't know that Abhimaan is one of your favorite movies, just checked out ur profile and saw it there, there's this one song in the movie, and she's wearing this gold choker necklace, to this day when my mom watches that movie, she remembers that necklace.

On to your post, I love Lush's products, they make my skin feel super hydrated and refreshed!!!<3

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

I've heard about lush products. I'm going to try them one day. Which is your favorite.

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The Style Page said...

I like Floating Island Bath Melt best. It floats on the water as it dissolves and has a subtle scent.