Monday, September 29, 2008

Lindi Skin

Skin care is marketed by promising younger skin and other benefits - "hope in a jar," as Charles Revson said. At the same time, companies use waffle words such as "skin looks ..." or "skin appears" to circumvent Federal Trade Commission (FTC) investigations into fraudulent advertising claims.

I rely on sunscreen, AHA, BHA, dual-phase eye makeup removers, and gentle cleansers for my skin care. My main requisites for a moisturizer are: is it emollient? will I wake up with softer feeling skin?

The target consumer for Lindi Skin is unusual: it markets to patients whose skin has been "compromised" by cancer. Since dryness and irritation afflict cancer patients, Lindi Skin's products have been formulated to soothe and moisturize the skin. Lindi Skin is great for those of us who have been spared cancer, but nonetheless want soothing and moisturizing skin care.

This review will cover three Lindi Skin products: Lindi Face Moisturizer, Lindi Eye Hydrator, and Lindi Body Wash.

Lindi Face Moisturizer

Lindi Face Moisturizer (2 oz., $38.00) is emollient and non-greasy. I like to apply it at bedtime - my skin feels smooth to the touch when I wake up in the morning. It does have an astringent smell when you apply it.

Lindi Eye Hydrator

Lindi Skin's web site describes Lindi Eye Hydrator (15 ml, $30.00) as a gel: actually, it looks more like an ointment. Just pat it in with your ring finger, and it has a non-greasy finish, thanks to the silicons in the formulation.

Lindi Body Wash

Lindi Body Wash (8 oz., $20.00) is an extra-moisturizing body wash with imperceptible fragrance.

Other unique products include Lindi Face Tint, which is designed to counteract the grayish tone associated with cancer patients, and Lindi Skin Cooler Pads, to comfort burnt or itchy skin.

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