Friday, September 05, 2008

Pixi at Target

Beauty411 said that Pixi was her least favorite of the three premium brands that debuted at Target: Pixi, NP Set, and JK Jemma Kidd. Pixi is by far my favorite of the three brands.

I'm a sucker for beautifully coordinated eye shadow palettes, and Pixi has several beautiful palettes: Minimum, Mango, Miracle Velveteen, Miracle, and Mirage (is there an alliteration thing going on here, or what? :-)

Pixi Eye Beauty Kit in Miracle

In addition, Pixi has some great concepts, such as Lid & Line (not shown), which features a retractable eyeliner pencil, a matching eye shadow, and smudger, all in one pen. I like lining lining my upper eyelid with the shadow, smudging the line, and using the pencil tips to fill in my lower lashes. The package is right about Lid & Line: it creates the smudgy, smoky eye in a flash.

Another great concept product is Illuminating Tint & Conceal, described as a "tinted moisturizer," with a cream-to-powder concealer built into the cap. For something described as a tinted moisturizer, Illuminating Tint & Conceal has a lot of opacity. That's because it uses titanium oxide and zinc oxide as sunscreen agents (it is rated SPF 20). Because the illumination is actually shimmer, I don't apply the tinted moisturizer on my nose. The concealer dries to a soft powdery finish. This product delivers, but, geez, $35.00?? You'd at least expect more glam packaging.

Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal

I'd like readers to provide comments on Pixi - price, performance, packaging, etc. Has anyone tried the Lip Blush?


Antoinette said...

I am addicted to the Pixi line. The brushes are devine, and the makeup is top notch. I especially love their water based blush. It is strange to put on, because it looks like blood, but it smears in beautifully. I have gotten a ton of compliments since I have started wearing it. I have almost abandoned all of my other makeup (which is shocking, because I was previously a clinique slob) simply because Pixi is so simple. The line works together wonderfully. Great stuff, try some!

Anonymous said...

I use the Pixi Flawless Vitamin Veil (cream foundation), and I really like it. I could not decide between this product and the one in the tube (with the sunscreen/moisturizer and concealer), but bought this one due to ease of use. I swear it has made my face clearer and healthier looking. It goes on pretty naturally, not greasy. I feel I do glow (not shine) and do not look dull (as with some other cream foundations). I really like it. If only it costs less!