Thursday, February 05, 2009

Just Desserts

Over the time I've maintained this blog, I've made sardonic comments about Leslie Blodgett's aggressive marketing of Bare Escentuals. Still, I'm fond of the limited edition collection Sweet Decadence from Bare Escentuals.

Sweet Decadence limited edition collection from Bare Escentuals

Each of the four shades have evocative names:

Dulce de Leche (pink beige glimpse)
Tiramisu (medium shimmering taupe glimpse)
Red Velvet Cake (medium polished ruby glimpse)
Chocolate Fondue (dark chocolate bark glimpse)

I love using Dulce de Leche as a highlighter, Chocolate Fondue as an eyeliner, and Tiramisu or Red Velvet Cake in the crease. Red Velvet Cake would make a pretty lip color when mixed with a waxy lip balm.

The eye colors do have some sparkle, which was particularly apparent in sunlight reflected in the rear view mirror.

To find the Sweet Decadence collection, I had to go from the Bare Escentuals boutique in Nordstrom to the Bare Escentuals stand-alone boutique to Sephora, which was the only store that had it in stock. Save yourself the effort and shop online at or

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