Monday, April 27, 2009

By Lauren Luke debuts today

Today (Monday, April 27, 2009), YouTube sensation Lauren Luke begins selling her own line of color cosmetics. If you're not familiar with Lauren, she's from the north of England, speaks with a definite accent, and presents videos on make-up, especially eye makeup. There's nothing flashy about her videos: Lauren captures the video herself, and you can see her adjusting the videocam when she zooms in for a close-up.

Since Lauren started posting her videos in 2007, she has gained a base of 200,000 subscribers. With that clout, no wonder she was approached to create her own line of color cosmetics, which is called By Lauren Luke.

Watch Lauren as she talks about the launch of her cosmetics line:

Lauren's initial offering is a collection of five color palettes: My Fierce Violets, My Vintage Glams, My Sultry Blues, My Luscious Greens, and My Smokey Classics. Each palette includes two shades of eye shadow primer, three eye shadows, eye liner, blush, and two lip colors.

Here's what I'm planning to buy:

My Vintage Glams, which features:

Shadow Primers in Nude Slip Dark and Nude Slip Light
Eye Shadows in Petticoat Pink, Red Wine, and Silver Slippers
Eye liner in Raven Black
Blush in Berry Cream
Lip Colors in Champagne Kiss and Love Bite

There have been a lot of pre-orders already: I hope that I'll get my hands on My Vintage Glams!

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