Thursday, August 13, 2009

Canadian beauty brands HT Sparkled Beauty

Some four years ago, I posted an article Canadian Beauty, about Canadian beauty brands. That was before I found Henna's Canadian Beauty blog.

I discovered Sparkled Beauty when she claimed the Giorgio Armani Beauty Face Fabric foundation that I offered through the continually updated Promotions post.

Sparkled Beauty has an extensive article on Canadian cosmetics brands, which I had a small role in expanding.

I'm particularly impressed by the concept behind FACE Atelier's Zero Plus and Zero Minus Foundations. When mixed with your regular foundation, Zero Plus darkens your shade, while Zero Minus lightens your shade - a great idea as your complexion changes with the seasons.
FACE Atelier
I also have to give a shoutout to Sweet LeiLani. It's been some years since I had contact with LeiLani, a Vancouver-based makeup artist whose TV credits include 21 Jump Street, which launched Johnny Depp's career. Her passion, however, is paramedical makeup, in which she teaches burn victims and cancer survivors how to camouflage bruises, scars, and burns.

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Anonymous said...

I've also tried the FACE atelier foundation and I LOVED mine, I don't leave the house without my FACE on - what else can you recommend from the brand?