Thursday, September 03, 2009

My absence from blogging

I came back from a trip to India on September 1. The day my husband and I left, TSA screeners were passing carry-ons through the detectors twice, which significantly delayed the security process. The TSA official told me that I had to wait until my carry-ons had entered the detectors before I was allowed to cross the line to walk through the metal detector. The wait was a long time, given the double screening, and I was getting impatient. I regained my equanimity only when I held out the possibility that the Inspector-General (IG) for TSA might have cited laxity among TSA screeners, which meant that they had to re-double their efforts.

Given TSA screening, maybe it was just as well that I didn’t carry my own laptop. I was dependent on my husband for access to his laptop. While I had scheduled two articles (Robert Jones, Fall's Color Story) to go live in my absence, I was not able to provide timely stories on the pre-sale of Twilight Beauty or Sears getting back into the beauty business after discontinuing its Circle of Beauty concept several years ago.

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