Friday, September 04, 2009

Tips for comfort on travel overseas

After my recent long-haul trip, I'd like to share my tips for comfort on overseas trips.

I carry my medications in my carry-on. In addition, I’ve created a “comfort kit” for airline travel. Everyone knows how dry airplane cabins can be. I carry moisturizer, eye drops, saline nasal spray (1½ oz.), hand sanitizer, and Colgate Wispsicon to clean my teeth. Don’t be seduced by overly priced moisturizers advertised as “flight creams” – any moisturizer with humectants to bind water and emollients will do. TSA regulations state that each liquid that you carry shall be no more than 3 oz. and the containers shall be packed in clear 1-quart plastic bags. I also wear compression stockings, such as those by Jobst or Futuroicon, to prevent my feet from swelling during an overseas trip.

My comfort kit - yet another of my crapola photos

For summer in India, I use two products purchased in India to provide for my comfort. Nycil is a prickly heat powder that I apply wherever I might chafe, notably under the breasts or along the bra line. I like the sandal-fragranced powder. As the seal of the container was not tight, I transferred some powder into a small sifter jar, such as those used for mineral makeup powder. To protect against mosquito bites, I use Odomos, a pleasant-scented, gentle cream. There is no ingredient list for Odomos. DEET is the preferred mosquito repellent, but I couldn’t detect DEET in Odomos: otherwise, I'd feel it in my mouth! Nonetheless, Odomos seems to be effective. I also carry cotton handkerchiefs, which I use to protect my nostrils from dust, block out unpleasant odors, and blot perspiration.

I hope that these tips might be helpful to readers planning overseas trips so that they can be comfortable and healthy while on travel.

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