Saturday, September 05, 2009

My makeup routine while on travel

When it came to makeup overseas, I didn't fare so well. The capillaries are near the surface of my skin: consequently, my skin is very sensitive to heat and wind. Any products that I used to cover redness just didn't work. The PR rep for Orlane Paris told me that Orlane's foundation was the best product she's found to cover redness, but I wonder if it would stand up to the 96 deg F heat and humidity of Calcutta!

My husband said that I looked "weathered." Nice guy. I would have wandered about all day feeling self-conscious, but he said that there was little I could do to help my appearance in the heat and humidity. On reflection, I indeed was "weathered" by the heat and the humidity. I just wish my husband weren't so blunt.

CARGO Essential Eyeshadow Palette
All purpose eye makeup!

As much as I pared down cosmetics to carry with me, I was surprised by how little eye makeup and how few brushes I really needed to carry. I used Laura Mercier Eye Basics eye shadow base in Linen not only as an eye shadow base, but also as a brightener under my eyes. To further brighten my eyes, I applied the browbone shade from CARGO's Essential Eyeshadow Palette to my lids with my ring finger. While I carried tinted brow gel and 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyebrow with me, the lid and crease shades from the CARGO palette, as applied with an angled brow brush, worked well. I used the same brush to line my eyes. For the eyeliner, I used the outer corner from the CARGO palette. To intensify the eyeliner, I applied the shadow wet by dampening it with eye drops, a trick I learned through the InStyle Makeover issue that's an extended advertisement for Ulta. Then I finished the eye look with mascara. Voilà!

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