Friday, April 23, 2010

An interview with makeup artist and beauty entrepreneur A.J. Crimson, Part 2

5. How did you enter into partnership with Keisha Whitaker (wife of Oscar winner Forest Whitaker, Best Actor, Last King of Scotland) to form Kissable Couture?

I knew that I wanted to create something, I looked at my kit each day, and then it hit me. The product I spent the most money on for my clients was lipgloss. One day while I was sitting with Keisha I mentioned the idea, and she loved it. It wasn’t long after we began taking meetings to make it happen, and the rest is history. We launched in September of 2007.

6. What new launches from Kissable Couture might we expect in 2010? Are there plans to expand the number of retail outlets?

Kissable Couture has many line expansions in the works but it’s all about timing. We are entering to the QVC retail family which is an exciting time for our brand. We will continue to open in new stores across the country.

7. There is a placeholder for “A.J. Crimson” on your website for products you think that we should buy. Could you give us a sneak peak of the products you plan to sell under A.J. Crimson?

I opened a store called [Beauty Statements] by AJ Crimson which carries a collection of all things I love including moisturizer, hair care products, home must haves, and makeup of course. I also have a section called consignment and there are sure to be some unbelievable pieces there! It’s fun! It’s all an experience of what people tell me they need and love and think others should try or must have. I survive because of all the people that support me. With [Beauty Statements] by AJ CRIMSON we help each other out. It’s all about sharing.

8. What do you enjoy doing besides makeup?

I love lying in the park and watching the clouds. I also love the beach and definitely want to spend a month in Europe. Maybe Tuscany or Paris and learn to paint on canvas. I like spending time with close friends but I love to see my businesses grow. My passion is building businesses.

9. Lastly, could you share some of your favorite makeup tips with our readers?

I feel like I never have enough tips. Lol! Use mascara every day, use an eyelash curler, and don’t wear too much powder. Make sure you always have at least one tube of Kissable Couture in your purse. Everyone will want to know what you’re putting on your lips. It’s still a girl-in-the-know product and not everyone has one.

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