Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Lola Naughty/Nice limited edition two tone lipstick

Lola is the retail line founded by infomercial pioneer Victoria Jackson.  It disappeared from the shelves of Victoria's Secret and Ulta.  However, it's still available online at www.lolacosmetics.com.  It's not clear what involvement Victoria Jackson still has with Lola.  Some Lola products are available on the Victoria Jackson Cosmetics website.

The Lola Naughty/Nice limited edition two tone lipstick caught my eye, as it brought back fond memories of Helena Rubinstein's Splitsticks. OK, the Splitsticks were beige and white and had the sixties written all over them, while the Lola Naughty/Nice limited edition two tone lipstick features coral pink and siren red:

Lola Naughty/Nice LE two tone lipstick
Lola Naughty/Nice LE two tone lipstick swatches
The coral pink is for Brigitte Bardot, while the siren red is for Rita Hayworth.  Sex symbols from two different eras.  Naughty or nice?

I can't say that I'm smitten with this product.  The coral pink takes away lip color, while the siren red has shimmer (I can actually see the sparkles).  For me, red should not have shimmer and the finish should be demi-matte.   This feels more like a stick gloss.

However, I'm a nut for great packaging.  Unclasp the lid from the tube, and a mirror pops up!  How cute is that??!!
Lola Naughty/Nice two tone lipstick tube

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