Thursday, August 21, 2008

New line from infomercial queen

She pioneered the informercial format (in fact, she's married to Bill Guthy of Guthy-Renker), thus leading the way for the likes of Leslie Blodgett (Bare Escentuals). Then she started a retail line Lola Cosmetics. Now she's back with a third line, this time sold through direct sales (a la Mary Kay).
Victoria Jackson
She's Victoria Jackson. So help me, the kits from her latest line remind me of those Pupa sets one sometimes finds at duty-free.
Victoria Jackson Survival Kit
Victoria Jackson Vanity Set
I'll pass on these.


Melissa said...

Oh wow, I was wondering whatever happened to her. I remember her infomercials back in the early '90's and even purchased her products. Come to think of it, I may still have her video tutorials packed away somewhere. lol

Retainer Girl said...

Ha ha! I remember those Pupa sets fondly. Had a few myself...