Wednesday, February 23, 2005

WHAT'S NEW in Beauty

The Style Page gets a lot of requests from small companies selling "natural" bath and body products to list them and finds that it's difficult to craft a description that will distinguish one company's products from another's. For the latest update of the Fragrance page, we've found three companies that offer unique spins on bath and body care products:

KölDesign offers bath products with fragrances that appeal to both genders that evoke special locations (El Maroc, Curacao, Bethlehem, and Picnic) and mix-your-own facial masks. In keeping with the unisex appeal, the packaging is minimalist. They've since added candles to their product line.

Nadina's Cremes offers scented body cremes made from coconut oil, almond oil, aloe vera oil and beeswax. The containers are what makes them special. Nadina's Cremes may be purchased in ceramic jars or beaded tins. I found Nadina's Cremes at Whole Foods Market. You may also order products in bulk, by the half-gallon or gallon.

Tade is a company based in France that markets products for the home from the Middle East. Its soaps are formulated with olive oil and laurel oil, and its rose and olive soaps look like little pieces of sculpted terra-cotta. I found Tade soaps at Vesta Home in Arlington, VA.

From the Makeup Alley discussion board:
...and a long list here! from acqua di stresa to zents. worth bookmarking, guys. ...r/o pls ( )

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